how old is my house

When was my house built?

Saturday, September 23 2017

[the_ad_placement id=”within”]You are likely to be searching “when was my house built” in order to complete your insurance quote as honestly and accurately as you can. Often, many people are unaware of how old their property is or where to get the answer. We’ve compiled some hints below to help you track down the answer.

The Land Registry is a good initial starting point. Here you can find information about a property in England or Wales and understand how far its general boundaries extend and even whether it’s at risk of flooding.

Search for property information from HM Land Registry here

Other ways you can find out ‘how old is my house?’

  1. If you are in the process of purchasing a new property then the easiest method is to ask the estate agent to obtain the information; they can get this from the seller directly. The seller must complete a ‘Seller’s property information form’ which may contain the property’s age.
  2. If you already own the property or have had a mortgage survey carried out, the information could be located on this survey.
  3. Your local authority may have a record of when planning permission was granted.
  4. If there is no option for any of the above, then you could try asking the neighbours in similar property types, if they know their property age.


If you have an older house, you could:

  1. Search the 1862 Act register on HM Land Registry’s digital archives. It contains information on 2,000 properties, which you can search for free.
  2. Look at the architectural style and features of the house, particularly the roof and position of windows.
  3. Historic England provides information on estimating the age of your property.
  4. Check your parish records, county record offices or your local library which may have local archives.
  5. Check historical editions of Ordnance Survey maps.
  6. Look at census returns made at ten-year intervals between 1841 and 1911 to find a first mention of the address.
when was my house built

When was my house built?

How old is my house?
The insurer will always ask that you complete their question set honestly and to the best of your knowledge. Whilst efforts should be made to find out the exact year your property was built, if this information cannot be sourced then many insurers will work with the closest approximation date you can find. It is important however that this is flagged with the company you intend to use before you submit the policy as each insurer can have different terms and conditions.

Age of property is a rating factor for the majority of insurers so it does need to be reported accurately to avoid any issues of non-disclosure, inaccurate risk representation and denial of payout at the point of claim due to wrong information.

We’ve worked with many customers in the past who did not have an exact build date and successfully offered a home insurance quote.


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