Steel Frame Construction Home Insurance

We specialise is providing cover for customers with properties made from a steel construction. This can be properties with various, non-standard, construction methods and from various periods.


Included in our list of benefits, you’ll also receive;

  • Buildings cover up to £1.5million
  • Contents cover up to £150,000
  • Trace & Access cover up to £5000
  • 24/7 claims line & support
  • Competitive premiums for this construction type
  • Standard excesses apply



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Why are steel framed properties difficult to insure?

With building materials varying considerably right across the UK, there is a high chance that you, yourself are a non-standard homeowner. If your property has been built with a steel frame, you will need to contact a specialist home insurer to ensure that your home is suitably covered.

Steel framed house insurance

Insurers are often very cautious when it comes to insuring a steel framed construction, mainly as they regard such materials as non-standard, and a high insurance risk. A major factor determining the cost of a premium is the total rebuild cost of a property.

When a property is constructed using steel or timber frame, mainstream insurers often perceive the materials to be at greater risk of deterioration, which in turn, can lead to large-scale damage to the property. Consequently, many insurers will return a costly insurance premium or in some cases, outright refuse the insurance. Steel framed homes, in particular, have been known to develop structural defects over a period of time, including the corrosion of metal.

The benefits of steel frame homes

Such materials are still being used to this day within the building of modern, state of the art homes. Whilst they are characterised by their ease of building, their lightweight nature, and their affordability, steel frame constructions can be both difficult and costly to insure.


    • Excellent strength to weight ratio.
    • Flexible use in design
    • Long open spans are achievable.
    • Quick to build as sections are prefabricated offsite
    • Steel is 100% recyclable and can be recycled indefinitely.
    • Steel doesn’t warp, split or crack.


Steel can also reduce waste, the Waste Resource Action Programme (WRAP) suggests that around 60% of structural steel content sourced in the UK is recycled.


  • The steel must be galvanised during manufacture reduces corrosion.
  • Measures must be taken against fires as steel softens at high temperatures.

More information on building your own steel framed property can be found on the Self Build Guide website here.

BISF Construction

We welcome customers with BISF properties.

With CoverBuilder you can quote 100% online for your steel frame property, simply select the build type during the quote and get an instant price and buy online.

BIFS houses are steel framed houses built by the British Iron and Steel Federation from 1946. Approximately 50,000 homes were built across the country, predominantly in pairs but there were terraces.
BISF house design

The BISF house is a pre-fabricated steel design originally built with a shallow pitched asbestos roof, panelling to upper level and render to the ground level. Between the metal frames are timber struts and insulation with an inner plasterboard or hardboard which originally had a design life of between ten and twenty years.

BISF houses are often confused with other prefabricated houses built in the same post-war era. BISF Houses are often wrongly assumed to be temporary structures. However, these properties should be expected to have a similar lifespan to that of a traditional brick built house. This is another reason that mortgage companies place more stringent conditions when offering on these properties.

See our dedicated BISF insurance here

Steel Framed House Insurance

Specific BISF property issues

  • BISF house roofing contains asbestos which is extremely hazardous to health if disrupted.
  • BISF house structure can suffer deterioration at the base of the steel structure, window surrounds and rooms with humidity such as bathrooms and kitchens.
  • BISF house insulation can result in condensation. Carrying out rectification work would need to be done with the neighbouring property which can be difficult.




Home Insurance for specialist property builds

If you have any of the following property types, we have a specialist policy to match your needs.

Blackburn Houses, Crane Houses, Hawksley Homes, Newland Homes, Riley Homes and British Iron and Steel Frame Houses


Steel Framed House Insurance