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no cancellation feeWhilst many general insurers are turning away from the more ‘advanced’ insurance risks, we actively work with specialist underwriters to offer competitive premiums for these advanced risks. Covering a wide range of property and personal risks, we’re focused on offering a fully online, instant decision quote system that’s easy and straightforward to complete. You can be confident you are covered for your individual needs with us.




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Specialist home insurance


We like the extraordinary

Insurance is based on the understanding of risk, the risk of the property, the person(s) and the influencing outside factors such as location. Generally, insurers have set areas of risk they prefer to focus on. Most of these areas are standard scenarios, common building materials, property constructions, personal circumstances etc. A specialist non-standard insurer will focus on offering cover where other insurers turn it down.

At CoverBuilder we work with a number of insurers who specialise in offering home insurance policies to those who, unfortunately, fall into a non-standard category. Our enhanced risk coverage means we can firstly, offer you a policy where others might have turned you away and secondly we can offer you a policy without penalising you on price.

100% online quote feature

Our website is designed to be able to quote for over 40+ types of non-standard insurance without the need to call us and go through the details over the phone. We ask all the questions we need online to be able to provide you with a price. Get your quote now, or read on about the specialist risks we cover below.

Specialist Property Insurance Risks

For those who are about to embark on a renovation project to the property be that a loft conversion, kitchen/bathroom remodelling, replastering etc, our renovation insurance is designed to make sure you have as much cover in place as possible. Occasionally some customers will be leaving the property or hold off moving into a property whilst the property is undergoing refurbishment. This will also require specialist unoccupied property insurance which we can provide. We cover up to £200,000 of works being carried out to the property.


There may be a number of reasons why your home is left unoccupied during the year. You may be awaiting a sale or probate, or be planning an extended trip abroad. If this is the case, you will need to consider revising your household policy and inform your insurer if your property is vacant for more than 30 consecutive days. All our unoccupied policies qualify for our ‘no cancellation fee’ promise, this means you only ever pay for the time on cover and no hidden cancellation fees – unlike some other specialist insurers who charge a considerable cancellation charge and don’t commit to a pro-rata refund.


Flat roof properties are deemed to be higher risk due to their susceptibility to damage caused by weather and burglaries. When there is a large downpour of snow or rain, there is a tendency for excess water that is not drained from the roof, to pond and cause the roof to sag and eventually leak into the property. We cover up to 100% flat roofs and offer a wide acceptance of roof building materials. Flat roof percentage should also include any room extensions to the property or loft extension.


If subsidence has ever been an issue for your property, you will know that it can cause a number of cracks to appear in the external brickwork and internal plasterwork of your home. Properties that suffer subsidence offer require underpinning to ensure its future stability. A previously underpinned property can raise alarm bells with most mainstream insurers, with some being reluctant to provide cover at all. We work with a panel of underwriters who are happy to offer specialist buildings insurance for subsidence to properties that have experienced subsidence and have since been underpinned to correct the issue. We do look for a certificate of structural adequacy as evidence the work has been carried out. You can get a quote for our specialist home insurance subsidence cover in under 5 minutes.


Homes come in all shapes and sizes and whilst it’s good to have a property that is aesthetically and structurally different to the norm, you may experience difficulty obtaining home insurance. Insurers are dubious of the structural soundness and materials used during unusual construction. Non-standard construction can include examples such as timber and steel frame (including BISF) properties. Many insurers will only look to cover the common or standard methods of construction usually brick of stone. For most customers, this is appropriate and covers exactly what they need. However, there are many customers who need specialist cover due to the unusual building materials used in their property construction.


There are a growing number of period properties and buildings of special architectural status that are being classed as listed properties in the UK. CoverBuilder is able to quote online for all types of listing grade (including the most common grade 2 listed). Listed and period properties usually require a specialist insurance policy due to the complexities of repairing the property should any damage occur. Often requiring rare or specialist materials and tradesman skill to restore the property to its former status in the case of extensive damage or loss, costs can soon add up. We offer home insurance for old properties up to a rebuild cost of £1.5 million and our listed building policies are provided by main UK insurer, listed home specialists, such as AXA.


If your property is a converted barn, church, school or other forms of conversion then we can look at providing you with cover for your building. Similar to listed buildings, property conversion often have strict planning regulations that need to be adhered to so if there is a claim, the rectification work can often be expensive for the insurer. This can put many companies off covering. CoverBuilder works with specialist underwriters who provide us with dedicated policies to cover these buildings without excessive premiums.


If you have a second home that you use as a holiday, weekday or weekend home then we can offer cover for this. Due to the increased risk of infrequent use and periods of the property being unoccupied you should ensure your property is correctly covered with these factors taken into consideration. Adding personal possessions cover to your holiday home policy can also provide peace of mind that the items you will have on holiday with you will be covered when you are out and about. This avoids the need for multiple policies and you can have your mobile phone insurance, camera insurance and home insurance all in one policy.


For those with larger properties looking for cover then we work with a panel of well-established UK underwriters including AXA, to offer policies that cater for high-value homes. We can cover over 6,7,8 and 9 bedroomed buildings with a rebuild value of up to £1.5million (rebuild value is the cost to build the house from scratch if it were to be a total loss due). We can also cover a total contents value of up to £150,000.


Prefabricated and modern modular build properties are one of the new specialist risks we are able to insure. Our website offers the ability to quote and buy directly online, without any delays from having to go through your situation over the phone. Our questions are designed to offer cover for many specialist build types and designs that require home insurance.


At CoverBuilder, we work with a panel of insurers who specialise in covering houses and flats in Northern Ireland for cheaper premiums than most. Many home insurers have been slow to offer cover for those who own properties in Northern Ireland leading to generally higher prices. If you are looking for a better deal on your renewal, try our quote and get an instant price in under 5 minutes.



Specialist Personal Insurance Risks

There are a host of personal circumstances that can lead to general home insurance companies refusing to provide a quote or a competitive premium. These risks range from working styles through to personal financial history.


You may work from home on a clerical basis, or your occupation requires business visitors to frequent your property. When this is the case, you will need to consider a different kind of cover, such as specialist home insurance.


In a similar vein, your occupation will play a part in the total cost of your premium. High-risk occupations include those that require, working from home, regular business visitors to your home, or leaving the property unattended due to working away from the home or routine nighttime work.


If you have ever had your policy cancelled or refused, you will need to inform your insurer. Declined insurance can occur during cases of non-disclosure, changes in your property status such as it becoming unoccupied, damage caused by flooding or a previous/high-value claim history.


Thousands of UK households are currently in a position of debt. Whilst the worry of poor financial circumstances is a burden in itself, it can be very difficult to arrange home insurance when you have a CCJ, an IVA or have been declared bankrupt. You will need to consider a specialist non-standard home insurance like CoverBuilder if you are in a similar circumstance.


A growing number of people are now utilising the power of the internet to start their own home business and sell their products and services locally, nationally and even worldwide. Often overlooked in the process is the acceptance of this home business within the boundaries of your existing home insurance policy. As this is a relatively new concept, the home business element is not automatically built into many ‘standard’ home insurance policies. Often the default is that no commercial activities are covered. Our dedicated home business policies allow for the running of a business from the insured property, along with coverage for a set amount of stock. See more about our dedicated home business policy here.


When a property is going through probate, responsibility to insure the property will fall with the executors of the estate. Properties going through probate are often left unoccupied for a substantial period of time. These unoccupied properties are perceived as being at much higher risk of damage or break-in, making many standard insurers reluctant to provide cover. CoverBuilder offers dedicated executor insurance, plus a no cancellation fee promise.


For those who have unspent criminal convictions, finding affordable home insurance can be difficult. We offer a wide acceptance of convictions whilst keeping the premium competitive. We understand that previous convictions can be a difficult subject to talk about, so with that in mind, we have ensured that your policy can be handled completely online, from quote to instant online price and payment in the majority of cases. We also only ask the questions that are relevant to your home insurance quote.


Many standard insurers are unwilling or unable to cover your property if you choose to have paying lodgers live with you in a spare room. This may be because the increased footfall at your property can lead to an increased risk of damage or theft occurring or because the property could be seen as a commercial risk. CoverBuilder’s home insurance policy for people with lodgers is able to provide comprehensive cover despite these difficulties, meaning you can be confident you are correctly covered while generating extra income from your home. We’ve also recently launched a brand new host insurance policy for those who host guests at their property either in a room or via the whole property. Learn more here.


Specified personal possessions cover is a specialist contents insurance for items that are classed as valuables and are individually worth more than £1000. Valuables include things like precious metals, works of art, watches and furs. You can choose to cover these items either within or away from the home when completing your quote. Covering them away from home is likely to be more expensive. For example, if you want your home insurance to cover a watch worth £2500 and two mobile phones worth £500 each, the total unspecified cover requested would need to be £1000. You would then enter the full details of the watch as a specified item and cover it for £2500.





How do I avoid underinsurance?


The definition of underinsurance

An inadequate representation of the insurance risks and covers being requested by the intended policyholder. In the event of a claim, underinsurance can result in economic losses to the policyholder due to the level of indemnity initially requested being lower than the actual level required to fully indemnifying the policyholder. Whilst a person underinsuring their insurance needs could potentially achieve a cheaper premium, the likely financial losses when it came to a claim may far exceed any marginal savings in insurance premiums.


Withholding vital information – the moral hazard

Some customers might feel if they don’t reveal all the details about their situation then they can ‘get away’ with an everyday policy. The unforeseen issue that comes back to haunt such customers at the point of claim.

Example: A person deliberately withholds information about previous subsidence at the property on a new insurance policy. During the new policy term, the subsidence reoccurs causing severe damage to a load-bearing wall. As part of the claim, an assessor will be sent by the insurance company to verify the damage and root cause. A claims assessor can identify the age of the problem and any previous subsidence. This could lead to the insurance revoking the policy and refusing the claim, leaving the person to foot the costly bill to repair the property.



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