Make sure you are covered when builders are working on your home

It is vital that you liaise with your home insurance company regarding any potential building works that you have planned for your home. However, your builders being suitably covered for the work is equally important. Generally, renovation home insurance policies will cover you and your home. Yet their cover will not be able to extend to protect the builders and their work. Therefore you should always check that any prospective builders have at least the following covers in place:


Employers Liability Insurance

If the builders that you choose are working for a company then it is illegal for them to not have this cover. It doesn’t matter whether it is their own company or a larger business. This cover is vital in order to protect you and the company, for example, if the builder is hurt while carrying out the work.

Example: A builder falls from his ladder whilst painting your house and injures his shoulder. This means he is unable to work. His employers’ liability insurance can provide cover for this and prevent you being left liable for his costs.


Public Liability Insurance

Although this cover is often provided as part of your home insurance, cover in relation to the works being carried out tends to be excluded. Therefore it is important to check that your builders have this cover in place in case someone was hurt or had their property damaged.

Example: A builder is replacing your roof. Whilst they are working, a stack of tiles slips off the roof, hitting your neighbour on the head. The builder’s public liability insurance would provide cover should your neighbour choose to claim damages for the incident.


Renovation insurance for you and your home

We use a panel of UK underwriters to find the best cover, tailored to your renovation works. Where possible we offer more than one option for you to choose from depending on how much cover you want. You can think of us as renovation insurance brokers, where we can call on specialist policies and specifically negotiated insurance rates.


Your renovation insurance policy

As a CoverBuilder customer, you can access your renovation policy instantly via out online document portal. This contains all your policy documents and cover limits in connect with your home insurance policy that permits renovation. You can also contact easily via telephone on 0333 358 3359 or chat with us online, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have in relation to your property.


We’ll keep your policy up to date

We’ll drop you an email during the policy term, depending on when you have estimated the works to start/finish to check how they are progressing. Once we know how your renovations are going we’ll update any changes in the level of cover required to make sure we keep you fully insured at all times.

Whether you are having large-scale building works or smaller renovation work done, we can cover a wide variety of scenarios. When you quote with CoverBuilder we’ll look at your specific scenario and return cover and a premium based on your needs. All our quotes are 100% online with instant decisions on price.


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Renovation works at the property whilst you continue living there

  • Accidental damage cover available for damage not caused by, or connected to, the renovations. (see below)
  • Full cover available and not like many other providers to restricted to basic Fire, Lightening, Explosion, Aircraft (FLEA)
  • Theft cover provided if there is a sign of forced or violent entry
  • £2,000,000 public liability cover included as standard
  • Cover for up to £200,000 of building works
  • Acceptance of a wide range of projects including extensions, loft conversion and structural work.


Renovation works at the property and the property is unoccupied

  • FLEA cover available for duration of renovations, up to work value of £200,000
  • Theft cover provided as a result of forced or violent entry
  • Wide acceptance of projects including extensions, loft conversions and structural work.
  • £2,000,000 public liability cover included as standard
  • Allowance for properties left unoccupied long-term
  • The policy can be converted to standard occupied policy and pro-rata refund issued when works are completed