Home insurance whilst undergoing renovation and building works

CoverBuilder offers renovation insurance covering your home whilst it undergoes improvements and buildings work. You or a tradesperson can carry out works to a value of £250,000.  We look at the type of renovation project and property to work out our cheapest quote. You can quote online and arrange instant cover.

We’ll also keep in contact with you to make sure your policy covers you correctly throughout the building work. Once completed we’ll switch you back to a standard home insurance. We don’t charge a fee and if the price reduces, we’ll refund this back to you. Our cover also allows you to leave the property unoccupied during the period of works.  Take a look below at the types of work that’s permitted by our home insurance.


Do I need your renovation insurance?

When you undertake a renovation of your home it is important to tell your home insurance company in advance. This includes general renovation, extensions or structural changes to your home. These types of changes can alter the rebuild value of your home and therefore your sums insured limits may need to be adjusted. Also not telling your insurer could invalidate your policy and any claims could be refused.

Not all general home insurance companies will offer cover. CoverBuilder’s renovation insurance is a cost-effective policy designed to allow a homeowner to carry out building works at the property whilst remaining covered. Our simple online quote records the type of work being done, the duration and if you are going to stay at the property. We offer a wide coverage of building works whilst keeping the premium competitive.


What types of building works do we allow?

Renovation projects come in many forms, some cosmetic, others structural. The examples below show the types of building work we accept as part of your CoverBuilder renovation home insurance. You can easily quote online with us. The questions we ask help us to understand what will take place at your home.


House Extension home renovation insuranceBuilding an extension

Single or double extensions are a main method to add space to a home. This will involve extensive building work and the knocking through of walls. This type of building work, creates a greater risk of an incident at the home. Our renovation insurance takes this into account.


House loft conversion during renovationLoft Conversions & Extensions

These major projects require significant building works at the property. Planning is usually required for the installation of dormers. Increasing bedroom numbers can also impact on your home insurance price


House rewiring allowed by renovation insurance.Whole house rewire

Electrical cables replacement is very disruptive to the home. The work required to remove existing cables makes this a higher risk project. This is an example of a project requiring you to move out of the property leaving it unoccupied.


House plumbing during renovationReplumbing

Similarly to rewiring, it can sometimes become necessary to completely replaced all of the plumbing. This is the case if it is very old or has started to leak. This will involve taking up floorboards and removing plaster from walls. The disruption cause and the risk of accidental makes this a high-risk project.


Replastering during renovationReplastering

Replastering is a significant project to undertake. It often requires the building to undergo a lot of preparation. When plaster becomes damaged, having it removed and redone is the obvious step. This creates increased risk to the home and chance of damage to surrounding rooms. This is where having the right insurance is important.


Home Renovation Kitchen RemodelledFull kitchen replacements

The cost of replacing a kitchen can vary depending on the spec chosen. A complete refurb can mean moving out of the home until completed. If you want to protect your home when it’s empty, our cover offers this.


House bathroom replacement during renovationBathroom replacements

Bathroom replacements can require you to vacate the home until the building work is complete. The costs of replumbing, bathroom suites and labour costs can easily cost thousands. We allow the work to build en-suites, wet rooms, and other modern bathroom designs.


House reroofing during renovationRe-roofing

Professionals are best used to do this work with the correct equipment. The removal of the barrier to the weather means the home is at greater risk of incident. To get the work completed requires good weather and a lot of preparation.


Home Renovation Internal wall removalRemoving interior walls

Changing the inner layout of the property can be a big task. The risk of damage from falling bricks and timber is high. There is also the option to remove and then replace walls, changing to layout to provide extra bedrooms.


Home Renovation Wall RenderingWall rendering

Wall rendering is the process of adhering a mixture of wet cement and sand to a wall with a trowel. Rendering gives the wall a solid cement look and covers the existing wall material.


Home Renovation decorationPainting and decorating

Redecorating your house covers many DIY jobs. Generally, not as major an undertaking compared to other projects. People will do simple jobs like painting, wallpapering and flooring. Surprising as it may sound but you could invalidate your insurance with certain DIY jobs. Check with your insurer before you start.


Garden and landscaping renovationDriveway and garden landscaping

New driveways will require heavy machinery to be brought onto your grounds. An insurer will need to be aware of this activity.



House renovation outbuilding conversionOutbuilding conversion

Convert existing outbuildings into usable spaces is very popular. This is a cheaper alternative to building a new extension. Converting a shed into a gym or an old storage shed into a home office.


House Conservatory home renovationConservatories

A new conservatory is usually more cost-effective than a full extension. Builders walking through your property can lead to incidents. The removal of load baring walls can also increase the level of risk.


and more…


one minute call answer timeNeed a little help quoting?

We have insurance experts ready to help you with renovation insurance. On average we answer calls in under one minute. Call us on 0333 358 3359 or chat with us online via our livechat option. Remember you can get a renovation insurance quote fully online with CoverBuilder.



Covering small and large-scale building works

We work with a selection of UK underwriters to offer our home insurance during renovations. Where possible we offer more than one option for you to choose from. You can think of us as renovation insurance comparison website. We have unique rates we have negotiated to offer you a cheaper price. You’ll select from the options below when quoting for cover. If you have multiple types of work planned, simply select the bigger task.

  • Cosmetic only (painting and decorating)
  • Single and double storey extension
  • New footings or foundations to an existing structure
  • New garage or outbuildings
  • Structural work
  • Garden work
  • Re-roofed
  • Kitchen or bathroom replacement

Renovation whilst you continue to live there

  • Accidental damage options available
  • Building work value to £250,000
  • Full cover available. Many others restrict to basic fire, lightning, explosion, and aircraft (FLEA).
  • Theft cover provided for forced or violent entry
  • £2,000,000 public liability included as standard
  • Cover for a range of jobs e.g. extensions, loft conversion, and structural work.


Leaving the home empty

  • FLEA cover available for the duration of renovations, to a work value of £250,000.
  • Theft cover provided as a result of a forced or violent entry (subject to individual terms.)
  • Wide acceptance of projects including extensions, loft conversions, and structural work.
  • £2,000,000 public liability cover included as standard.
  • Allowance for properties left empty long-term.
  • Your home status changes to occupied for free when you move back in. We’ll issue A pro-rata refund when required.


  • Construction blue prints showing a home renovation plan.
    Renovation insurance covers small scale and large home building works.

What information will I need to know to get a quote?

  1. The value of works
    • This is the cost of the works and not how much the property will be worth.
  2. Nature of construction and renovation
    • The planned works e.g. painting and decorating or a double-storey extension
  3. Size of the project
    • What impact will the construction have on the size of the property?
  4. Timescale
    • When is the work due to start and finish?
  5. Contractors and tradespeople
    • Are you doing the work or will it be via contractors
  6. Contract
    • Do you or will you have a physical agreement in place with your contractor?
  7. Public liability insurance
    • Do your contractors have public liability insurance?
  8. Planning permission
    • Do you or will you have the necessary planning consent for building works
  9. Correct permission


We’ll keep your policy up to date

We’ll maintain contact with you during your renovations. As you progress with the work, we can make sure your policy is up to date. Your cover levels adjust depending on the type of work that’s remaining. Our policies will flex as your project continues. We don’t charge fees to adjust your policy in relation to renovation.

Accidental damage cover

If you stay at the property throughout the works, you are able to select the Accidental Damage optional cover during the quote to protect your building and contents whilst building works are on-going.

Examples of when you could and couldn’t claim.

  • Could: You have on-going renovation on the property to remodel your kitchen. You spill red wine on a front room cream carpet, you can claim for the carpet damage.
  • Could not: A workman drops tools onto your kitchen surface and cracks it. You can claim for this via the 3rd party trade policy the builders have in place.


What do insurers class as ‘in a condition in which it could be lived in as a home’?

It’s vital to know the condition of your building to select the right cover. The property should be a habitable or liveable condition. It should not be a derelict, in disrepair or unkempt. Houses in ruin cannot be covered under renovation insurance. This type of property needs self-build or contractor insurance.

There will be times when the building has construction on the outer structure. Loft conversions use temporary roofs to keep the property watertight. These are susceptible to failure and leaks into the roof space. This increases the risk of das mage to other areas of the home. Kitchen refurbs can lead to you living out of other rooms until completed. This is acceptable as we know it’s temporary and part of the project. When completing a renovation insurance quote it will ask for the state of the property. We cannot accept abandoned or houses in ruin.


Illustration showing two properties. One undergoing work but habitable and the other derelict and poor state of repair.

Illustration showing two properties. One undergoing work but habitable and the other derelict and poor state of repair.


The risk of an empty property during the renovation

Two scenarios can lead to your home being empty during the renovation. Firstly, you delay moving in after buying the home. Secondly, you move out whilst renovating. Both of these can cause standard insurance companies to decline cover. An insurer will want to know what security measures are in place to prevent illegal access. An empty home increases the risk of an incident at the property. Our renovation insurance quote will take into consideration if the property is going to be unoccupied.


Theft and malicious damage

Whilst your home is renovated, theft and malicious damage isn’t covered. This is because of the few measures in place to prevent a person from doing so. Cover starts again when the renovation finishes.


Keeping your insurance company informed

Your insurer will need to know about any renovations you make to the home. This is due to the increased risk to the building and any contents within. Some insurers will revoke cover if renovation takes place. This is regardless of the size or costs of the project. Therefore, notifying your insurer will confirm your policy is valid during the building work. CoverBuilder renovation insurance has a wide acceptance of projects up to a value of £250,000.


Tips when choosing a builder

Selecting your builder is an important part of any home renovation. It’s vital to do your research and don’t leave things to chance. Online platforms can help you find builders with strong reputations. You’ll want the best job done for your budget. Many of these platforms offer customer reviews for you to look through. They can offer a ‘bid for your business’ which helps get the best deal.


Get the benefit of using an architect

Architects trained to turn renovation concepts into practical reality. Hiring an architect will help you design and plan what you want. Architects spot ways to add value to your project in multiple ways. Whether it’s tweaking the design to add light, or making your budget go further. Investing in an architect can pay off in the long term.

Putting a contract in place

Having selected your builder, it’s important to put a contract in place. This provides the security of an agreed price for the works. If the builder doesn’t meet the contract, you have legal rights to enforce them to finish the work.


What cover should my builder have?

Your builder has cover in place if they cause damage or injury while in your home. However, you can request evidence of this before the works start. Home insurance doesn’t extend to protect the builders themselves or their construction. Builders will have their own trade and liability insurance. Should they cause damage to your home, the claim will be through their cover.


Our no cancellation fee promise

Our renovation and home works cover offers a free cancellation promise. If you cancel your policy, you pay for the time you need with no hidden fees.


Refurbishing your listed property

Listed buildings have guidelines to follow when renovating. Our website will quote for your renovation insurance whilst taking into account the listing status. This ensures the work is covered and we have the technical knowledge of the listing status if there is a claim.