Find out which probate forms you need and where to find them

There are a number of different forms that need to be completed during the probate process. This process is largely the same regardless of whether you are applying for a grant of probate as named executors of an estate or as administrators applying for Letters of Administration if the estate owner died without leaving a will. There is a large amount of information that will need to be gathered before these probate forms can be completed.

Many people will choose to employ a professional to help them apply for probate. The process can be confusing if you are not sure of the information required. There are a huge number of solicitors who will be able to do this. Sometimes people will appoint a solicitor as the executor of their will. This takes the burden off their family. If you do go it alone and need help filling in your probate forms, you can call the Probate and Inheritance Tax Helpline on (0300) 123 1072.


completing probate forms


What do you need to do?

If you decide to apply for probate yourself there is a wealth of information online, particularly on the website. It is well worth spending some time familiarising yourself with some of this content. However, the main forms that will be required are as follows:

Probate Application Form PA1

This is the main form that needs to be completed in order to obtain a grant of probate. You will need to return this with a copy of the death certificate, a will (if there is one) and an application fee.

Inheritance Tax Forms

Inheritance tax forms will need to be completed in addition to the probate application form. However, which tax form you complete will depend on the value of the estate that you are dealing with.

IHT205 – if no IHT is due because the total value of the estate is less than £325,000 you will need to use this form.

IHT400 – if IHT is due because the total value of the estate is more than £325,000 you will need to use this form.

The government now also provides the option to complete these forms online. This cuts out the need to print and send them to the relevant office. Full information on this service can be found here.

If Inheritance Tax is due, you will normally have to pay at least some of this before HM Revenue & Customs will issue you with a Grant of Representation. It is possible to transfer money directly from the deceased person’s account to the tax office using Form IHT423.

Professional assisting with completion of probate forms