Dedicated Cover For Prefabricated Homes

Prefabricated and modern modular build properties are one of our specialist risks we can protect you for at CoverBuilder. You can quote and buy directly online, without any delays from having to go through your situation over the phone. Our questions are designed to offer cover for many specialist build types and designs that require home insurance.

  • Competitive premiums for prefabricated home types
  • Wide acceptance of prefab construction types
  • Includes listed, self-built post-war prefabs and modern kit-homes
  • Buildings and contents cover available
  • Standard excesses apply
  • Manage your policy online
  • Optional home emergency cover
  • Average call centre answer time under 1 minute





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What is a prefab property?

A prefabricated home is a form of home that has been largely manufactured off-site and is transported to a different location for assembly. Prefabricated concrete houses were a large part of the Second World War and were erected as temporary accommodation following the devastation of the Blitz. Despite their old-time character, they are still home to several thousands of residents right across the UK. Their advantages include their ease and speed of building and durability, however, a major deterrent for many is the difficulty associated with sourcing the correct house insurance for prefabricated buildings.


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Why do prefab homes require specialist home insurance?

When you look to take out an insurance policy, your insurer will assess your properties risk. The higher the risk your property poses to the insurer, the higher the returned premium.
Prefabricated homes are often viewed as a non-standard, high-risk construction, primarily due to their vulnerability to fire and wind damage. Often it is the case that a small area of damage can result in a large proportion of the property needing repairing due to the modular process of construction.

Most mainstream insurers have a reluctance to cover non-standard properties including the likes of steel frame and timber frame homes. You must fully declare the materials used to construct your property to ensure payout during the event of a claim.


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Where can I get insurance for my prefab home?

If your home doesn’t meet the usual standard criteria, we truly believe that you shouldn’t be punished with rejected insurance or sky-high premiums. At CoverBuilder, we’ll do all that we can to cover that roof over your head, even if it’s built from “hard-to-insure” materials.