Home insurance for PRC construction houses

Insurance for prefabricated reinforced concrete (PRC) houses can be more difficult to find at a good price than it is for a standard construction property. This is because certain types of this construction method have been known to have structural issues in the past. There is also the problem that PRC house repair costs can be very expensive. This, in turn, increases the level of risk for insurers. CoverBuilder offers cover for a range of PRC properties at competitive prices.

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 What is PRC construction?

Prefabricated Reinforced Concrete is a type of house construction that became very popular in post-war Britain, as a result of it being quick and cost-effective to build. Demand was high, with a large number of properties having been completely destroyed during the blitz. More information here.

Can you get a mortgage on a concrete house?

The main problem with PRC houses is that they were only ever designed to offer a short-term housing solution. They have far exceeded expectations, with many of them still standing in their original form today. However, despite this, in 1984 a bill was passed that labelled these as defective meaning that unless they have undergone a specific repair process they not mortgageable.

It is still possible to get a PRC mortgage, but it may need more shopping around and may be more expensive than if the property was built from standard construction materials.

Examples of PRC house types:

What is Laing Easiform?

This construction type is named after the firm that developed it, John Lain. It is a form of cast in-situ concrete and is generally seen to be a more hardwearing version of the prefab concrete homes.


What is a Reema construction?

Reema construction is a large panel form of prefabricated building. There are two different types of Reema Construction, Reema Hollow Panel and Reema Conclad. The first can sometimes be easier to get a mortgage and insurance on but both can have difficulties with standard high street providers.


What is a Cornish unit?

Cornish unit properties are a steel framed building infilled with concrete panels. These properties usually have a Mansard roof. Buildings that are still standing today have often been improved through the addition of an exterior brick wall, creating an insulation cavity. They are generally considered to be a relatively robust version of PRC homes. However, without the upgrade specified above they are known for having very poor insulation.


What is Mundic block?

Mundic is an old Cornish word for mine waste which led to the name of this construction type.  Concrete used to be mixed on local sites using the local materials available. As Cornwall is a hard rock mining area, mining waste was often used as an aggregate when mixing this concrete. This resulted in a very hard a strong material. However, this has slowly begun to cause problems in the area as some of the minerals can damage the structure of the concrete itself. This, in turn, can lead to the whole building becoming unstable. This can make mortgages on such properties hard to find and cause the value of the property to drop.


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