Poor credit home insurance for people with an adverse financial history

We specialise in covering people who have been turned away by other insurers due to their financial history. Our website allows you to fully quote and buy online. This means you don’t have to go through all your private financial details over the phone. We also offer monthly payment options on as many quotes as we can where there is a poor credit history. See how our poor credit home insurance can help you get a great deal on your home insurance.


If you have been affected by any of the following, we can help.

Bankruptcy home insurancePoor Credit Home InsuranceIVA Home insuranceCCJ Home insurance

  • Poor credit history
  • Poor/bad credit rating
  • Poor credit score
  • Previous bankruptcy
  • Current, unsatisfied CCJ
  • Current, unsatisfied IVA
  • Passed IVA/CCJ

Why CoverBuilder are the best for poor credit insurance?

  • 100% online quote with instant decision and acceptance
  • Equal monthly payment plans offered on 95% of cases
  • A panel of insurance underwriters who accept poor credit customers
  • Only basic details required to complete quote
  • Average call centre answer time under 1 minute


Spreading the cost of home insurance across the 12 months

Our poor credit home insurance offers flexibility where other insurers often decline.  If you have a poor credit history we still offer a monthly installment plan on over 95% of quotes. We also spread the instalments equally across all twelve months. This means no lump sum to pay as a deposit or initial instalment.



 Need a little help quoting?

We have insurance experts ready to help if you want to ask a question. Our average call answering is under 1 minute so give us a call on 0333 358 3359. Alternatively chat with us online via our livechat option (bottom right).


Where can I get insurance if I have poor credit history, CCJ or IVA?

Mainstream insurers often consider a low credit score, CCJ, IVA or bankruptcy as a high-risk matter. They will therefore often avoid providing insurance in such situations. You will need to find a specialist house insurer for a non-standard insurance quote if you have poor credit history, a CJJ, IVA or if you have been declared bankrupt.

At CoverBuilder, we understand that financial issues are already difficult in themselves. This is without the added concern of an uninsured property. We’re here to help get your most important possession, your home, fully covered. We understand that picking up the telephone and talking about your difficult financial position can be uncomfortable. This means we have ensured that you can access all the support you need from us online. From completing your home insurance quote to speaking to our friendly team via LiveChat, we firmly believe that your non-standard risks needn’t weigh you down.


Home Insurance Poor Credit history CCJ IVA or Bankruptcy

What happens if I don’t inform my insurer of my financial history?

Not disclosing your financial history at the point of renewal or when applying for a new insurance policy is a bad idea. Doing so can in some situations lead to your home insurance policy becoming void. Voided insurance is a process in which an insurer will treat the policy as though it had never existed. The cover will not have applied at any point during the course of the policy even though you have paid your premiums.


How can poor credit history/having a CCJ or IVA affect household insurance?

UK debt is at its highest level since the 2008 financial crash. It is, therefore, no surprise that several thousands of households possess a CCJ, IVA or have been declared bankrupt.

Diagram showing insurance company professionals, plus a court hammer and gavel

If you are one of many experiencing difficult financial circumstances, you may be considered a non-standard risk to an insurer. This could make it more difficult for you to source an affordable insurance policy. In some circumstances, you may struggle to find household insurance at all.

Similarly to a pending mortgage application, insurers will need to conduct a credit check to view previous activity and examine whether you are able to afford the monthly repayments of your insurance premium. CCJs, IVA’s and bankruptcy are all factors that suggest previous personal debt and will consequently cause concern with your insurer. A badly affected credit rating will also limit your capacity to borrow from other lenders too.

Home insurance with poor credit

At what point will I no longer need to declare CCJs, IVAs or Bankruptcies?

Unlike criminal convictions, which will class as being spent after a certain period, you will need to declare previous financial difficulties no matter when they occurred.

What information will I need to provide when quoting for poor credit home insurance?

  • Do you or anyone who normally lives with you have a poor financial history?
  • Has your previous bankruptcy been discharged and when?
  • Do you have an IVA, has it has been satisfied and when?
  • If you have had previous CCJs, how many you had and whether they were satisfied?


Home insurance with poor credit


More about CCJs (Count Court Judgements)

A County Court Judgment (CCJ) is a court order in England, Wales and Northern Ireland that can be registered against you if you fail to repay the money you owe. If you are subject to a CCJ or high court judgment, it will stay on file for 6 years. This will affect when banks or loan companies will give you credit or loans and what the terms will be.

You can find out more information from the free and impartial money website The Money Advice Service

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