Protect your personal possessions when you’re out and about

Your Buildings and Contents insurance covers your contents while they are in your home. However, personal possessions cover should be added on if you want your items to be covered when you’re out and about.

By buying this extra cover, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefit of personal possessions insurance abroad. When you’re on holiday, you’ll be covered by the personal possessions part of your home insurance. This means you’ll be able to make a claim for items stolen during this time.*

*As CoverBuilder works with a panel of underwriters, please check the individual terms of your policy carefully. This will show what cover your specific policy provides.



How to quote for personal possessions insurance

The section below shows how to quote for personal possessions cover. This will make sure your valuable items and possessions are fully covered. The cover can apply both within your home and when you are out and about.


Personal Possessions Insurance


In total, how much cover do you require for personal possessions that you take away from home? (each individual item must be valued under £1,000)

This section of cover relates to personal possessions that you want cover for away from home. They should not have an individual high value. This could include items such as mobile phones, lower value items of jewellery, wallets and general handbag contents. This sum does not need to include specified valuables over £1000.


Personal Possessions Insurance


Do you also want to cover any individual high-risk items valued at £1000 or more in and/or away from home?

Items that are classed as valuables should be covered as specified personal possessions. They should individually be worth more than £1000. Valuables include things like precious metals, works of art, watches and furs. You can choose to cover these items either within or away from the home when completing your quote. Covering them away from home is likely to be more expensive.

Example: You want cover for a watch worth £2500 and two mobile phones worth £500 each. The total unspecified cover requested would need to be £1000. You would then enter the full details of the watch as a specified item and cover it for £2500.

Personal Possessions Insurance


Benefits of your Personal Possessions Insurance

You can cover your personal possessions under your home insurance. They’ll then be covered against theft while you have them in public.

Our contents only policies can also provide personal contents insurance for tenants. You simply add the selected level of personal possessions cover on to your quote as explained above. You will then receive the same cover benefits as someone who owns their own home and has bought insurance.

Although you can buy standalone cover, it often works out cheaper to include this in your buildings and contents policy. With completely adjustable cover levels, you can cover exactly what you need. You also have the benefit of one renewal date, one set of policy documents and one claim process.