Home Insurance with Online Seller Business Use

Around 92% of the UK population use the internet on a regular basis. As a result, online selling is a fast growing area that many people and businesses are looking to capitalise upon. A study from 2013 estimated there to be around 8million online businesses being run from home in the UK. The number has undoubtedly experienced huge increase since then. There are currently 190,000 businesses registered on the UK branch of eBay alone. This shows that running an online business from home is something that ever-growing numbers of people are doing. If you fall into this category then you are likely to need online sellers home business insurance.


Cover for eBay and Etsy sellers

Sites such as eBay, Etsy and Depop are providing new avenues for people to increase their income. Unfortunately, many standard home insurers are not able to provide cover for your property if you run an online sales business. At CoverBuilder, we are able to offer comprehensive household cover for a variety of online sellers.


Protect your home and your business stock

We not only provide cover for your home from which you run a business but also cover up to £5000 worth of business stock. This means that you can be reassured that your stock will be protected should there be an incident at your home. However, as we work with a panel of underwriters, this can vary from quote to quote. We strongly recommend checking the policy wording for your proposed cover before submitting your quote.

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Some of our policies can also provide cover for up to £10,000 of clerical business equipment. This means that your computer, phone and printer that you use to run the business can be fully covered under your home insurance policy. Again, the specific wording should be checked to ensure that your chosen policy is providing this cover.


At CoverBuilder we want to simplify things, by making sure you can insure your everything in one place. This saves the need to have multiple policies for your buildings, contents and business stock.

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Customer Case Study

Wendy turned to CoverBuilder when she needed to source cover for her property as well as her home business.

As Wendy explains: “I needed business at home cover because my husband makes jewellery, which we sell on Etsy. The cover was required for equipment as well as stock. I wanted to combine it with our normal household insurance to keep things simple. Cover Builder was the perfect solution.”