What is non-standard home insurance?

Non-standard is a type of home insurance that covers a person or property that has specialist requirements. These can be things such as the property construction or even the financial history of the person. There is a growing number of specialist risks that general insurance companies call non-standard. This article provides an overview of ‘what is non-standard?’ and extra information and help on getting cover.


Making buying complex insurance easier

In the past, people with specialist insurance needs would use a broker. This has changed over the past 10 years with the rise of the price comparison websites. People are more comfortable with buying their insurance online. CoverBuilder took this further by quoting for 95% of non-standard risks online. This is also without the need for lengthy calls or referrals.

Compare price and cover

We work with a panel of underwriters offering a selection of results. Enter your details once and you can select from up to 6 house insurance providers. This includes AXA and other specialist providers we’ve negotiated with. Select the policy you want and buy online with a few clicks.


Non-standard homes, not just thatched roofs!

Homes come in all shapes and sizes and can also be built from numerous types of materials. Generally, insurance companies prefer houses made from brick or stone and rood made from tile or slate. You’ll often see insurance website defaulting their answers to these types of answers as they are so common. There have been deviations from this type of standard build through the years.

These include prefab homes made shortly after the war. Used to help the solve housing shortage, prefabs were easy to build in large numbers. Looking to the future and sustainable building is becoming more prominent. New modular building techniques use modern materials to create structures such as steel, composites, and glass.


Personal scenarios considered non-standard

Many people who ask what is non-standard will answer, it’s the type of house construction. Whilst this is true, it’s only half the of the picture. There are numerous personal scenarios that can make it difficult to find competitive cover.  A person’s financial history is the main point for insurers. If a person has a bad credit history or been subject to bankruptcy, CCJ or IVA it can be an issue. The same applies if you or a person within the home you want to cover has a criminal record. Insurance companies tend to make a decision when a person has a conviction. They will either refuse coverage or add a higher premium to dissuade the person from taking cover.


Property scenarios considered non-standard

As with personal scenarios, there is a growing list of property situations classed as non-standard. Mostly this is classed as a property of non-standard construction. This is properties such as prefab, timber-framed, steel or concrete. There are, however, a number of other, more obscure reasons a house can be classed as different.

If you have an extension to your property which has a flat roof then this can cause you issues. Not only in the maintenance but also in how an insurance company views your home. Flat roofs often suffer from water leakage which can lead to large claims. Also, the cost of repair from a claim can be substantial due to the specialist skills and materials to repair.

There are other, less tangible reasons such as a home being empty for long periods. Unoccupied property needs the right cover as you can easily invalidate your policy.



Tailored cover without a premium price

The website will guide you through a quote and you can use any smart device. It knows when to ask further questions to understand the cover you need. That way we know what we need to about you and your property. This also helps us to increase the number of options we provide you.