Access and manage your policy online from any smart device

When you take a policy out with CoverBuilder you can instantly access your policy information and documentation online via our dedicated policy area. Here you can access your details and the property you have insured. In addition, you can access a range of details about your policy. Manage your policy online easily with CoverBuilder.

Smartphone view showing insurance documentation

Our online policy manager offers:

  • Secure storage of your documentation
  • A copy of your policy booklet
  • A copy of your policy schedule
  • A history of every renewal premium
  • Payment information (including Direct Debit details where selected)

No more delays or missing documents in the post

CoverBuilder is an online business, therefore that’s exactly how we deliver your policy documents – online. This means you’ll have instant access to all your payment and policy information when you take out your policy. No longer do you have to wait for delivery then find somewhere to store your documents safely at home.

Need to make a claim?

Should the worst happen, you’ll want the claim details to hand as easily as possible. That’s where our online policy manager takes over. Simply log into your policy area from any laptop, tablet or smartphone then instantly view the claims information you need.

Our insurance claim handlers are here to help you when you need them most.