Home insurance for owners of Tudor Buildings

Tudor buildings have a very distinctive style. Due to their short supply, they are also very popular with house hunters looking for a property with a bit of character. Many people see Tudor architecture as being particularly attractive. This is due to its unique black and white appearance.

Tudor is the name given to the historical period 1485 – 1603. Many Tudor buildings can date as far back as this. The year that the property was built tends to be the biggest qualifying factor in what makes a house a Tudor. However, many of these properties were not actually constructed during this era. Others were built in the distinctive Tudor style at a later date, often in the 19th century. Either way, Tudor buildings of any kind are highly likely to be listed due to their age.

Tudor building street view

What were Tudor houses made of?

Tudor buildings by their very nature will usually be built using timber frame. This in itself makes them a non-standard risk for insurers. This is because they are more vulnerable to fire and other structural issues.

If you own a Tudor Building it is likely that you will find it more difficult to find suitable insurance cover. Many mainstream insurers see a timber-framed construction as a ‘non-standard’ property. The result is an increase in their prices to cover such a risk. This is especially true when seeking insurance for an old timber framed home.


Two of the common problems with timber houses are listed below;

Vulnerability to fire

Any wood frame building is susceptible to fire damage. This is because the wood used in construction is highly flammable, allowing a fire to take hold and spread quickly.

Lightweight materials

Timber frames are very lightweight. In some cases, no foundations are used to build timber homes. Such shallow foundations can, therefore, lead to cases of subsidence. This is where you may see cracks in your external brickwork and internal plasterwork. Claims for subsidence can be very expensive.

The above can sometimes mean that timber frame houses are more expensive to insure. However, at CoverBuilder we have secured exclusive rates from our specialist underwriters. This ensures we can offer you the most competitive price possible.


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