What’s your attitude to smartphone security when buying online?

In November 2017 CoverBuilder polled a group of adults about their buying habits and attitude to online security when using a smartphone. The results provided interesting insight into how we view our smart devices and how we use them to purchase goods and service online. Unsurprisingly, all of our respondents had a smartphone and almost half used it over 3 hours of the day. With us becoming more dependent and connected with mobile technology, the results suggest that we don’t place enough care and attention when purchasing online through these devices. The results show that people are instantly put off by a website not being mobile friendly or slow to load. Close to 9 out of 10 people will also be put off from a website if it looks unprofessional. All these factors are higher than any of the security reasons for not using a website. So the big question is, are we now more concerned as consumers over how easy it to buy something rather than how safe? 

The data gathered has been compiled into the infographic below:



Smartphone Infographic Copyright CoverBuilder 2018


Copyright CoverBuilder 2018