Home Business Insurance for Music Teachers

If you work as a Music Tutor from your home you’re likely to regularly have pupils coming to your house for lessons. Therefore you’ll need specialist home insurance to protect your house. However, many mainstream insurers will not be able to insure you if you run any kind of business from home. CoverBuilder is able to provide flexible home workers cover to insure a range of business scenarios. This includes freelance teachers and tutors who need music teacher insurance.

Benefits of a CoverBuilder Home Business Home Insurance policy include:
  • Up to £1.5million buildings cover.
  • Up to £150,000 contents cover.
  • Public Liability cover available.
  • Flexible policies to cover a variety of business uses
  • 24/7 claim lines with UK based call centres
*As CoverBuilder works with a panel of home insurance providers, cover can vary from policy to policy. Before submitting your cover policy documents should be checked carefully.


Why do I need specialist cover?

Running a business from your home, even if it is on a very part-time basis can increase the chances of you needing to make a claim on your insurance. This means that insurers will class you as higher risk. There are a number of reasons for this:

musical instrument for home music tutoring

Firstly, there will be much higher numbers of people visiting your property as a result of the business services you offer, which in turn increases the risk of damage or a theft occurring.

Equally, you may have a number of high-value musical instruments in your property which could increase the chance of you being targeted by thieves. You also run the risk of being sued if someone is injured while under your care. However, in all of these situations, your CoverBuilder home insurance policy would come into effect and help to protect you.

Your CoverBuilder policy will not cover any musical instruments that you use in connection with your business. You will need to source suitable insurance for these items elsewhere.

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