Home Insurance with Childminding home business

Running a business from home means when it comes to home insurance, you need an insurer who is comfortable with the extra risk that business brings to the situation. Being a childminder means that you will regularly have children at your property, as well as their parents at pick up and drop off times. This increased footfall means there is a higher chance of damage befalling your property. This can result in you paying more for insurance and finding it harder to find cover. Luckily CoverBuilder can offer a choice of home insurance policies for childminders, with competitive prices and comprehensive cover.

As a childminder, whether looking after just one child or multiple children, you’ll want to make sure you are covered. Your CoverBuiler childminding home insurance policy will cover your home and contents against all of the standard perils that can cause damage.

CoverBuilder works with a panel of underwriters to offer a choice of insurance policies. This does mean that the cover provided can vary from policy to policy so it is vital to check the specific endorsements that apply to your policy before confirming a purchase. Some of our policies are able to offer limited liability cover to protect you against potential legal claims. However, with others, this cover is excluded. It is, therefore, necessary with all of our policies that you have a suitable professional liability policy in place alongside your home insurance cover to ensure that every aspect of your business is covered.

Build the insurance package that’s right for you

  • Buildings cover up to £1.5million
  • Contents cover up to £150,000
  • Accidental damage options
  • Personal possessions cover
  • Cover for office equipment option
  • Acceptance of business run from home
  • Fully online quote & Buy option
  • Manage your policy online


Don’t have your bubble burst by underinsurance

We strongly recommend making sure you get the right cover in place when running a business from home. Make sure your provider is happy to accept the fact that you will have business visitors to the property. Although our underwriters are happy to cover you if you run a childminding business from home you will need to declare this on your quote to ensure you have been given the correct policy.

Not declaring your specialist needs when taking out an insurance policy can have big consequences. The worst case scenario is that an insurer could invalidate your policy because you had not properly declared the risk. You would then be left without cover and with a significant bill to pay to repair the damage yourself.

Blowing bubbles