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Renovating your home may not necessarily lead you to think you need specialist home insurance. Unknown to many people, there are many stipulations in standard home insurance policies that can leave people lacking the cover they thought they were paying for or more dangerously, invalidating their cover completely.

We have a range of insurance underwriters we work with to provide you with a tailored policy whilst your home is undergoing refurbishment or renovation.

Key risks you’ll be covered for with our home renovation insurance

  • Cover for your Building and your Contents
  • Cover for accidents to persons in the property
  • Cover available while property is empty
  • Cover for renovation works costing up to £200,000
  • Cover for projects such as loft conversions, large extension and full-scale renovation
  • The property could be occupied or unoccupied whilst the work is being carried out



Plus, once the work is down, you can transfer to a standard policy in one simple step. Our quote system allows you to quote 100% online and get an instant decision and premium for your situation.

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Often insurance can involve more complex situations and circumstances, therefore we have our insurance experts standing by to help you through a quote. if you have any questions about how to quote for your type of property, personal circumstances or special insurance needs – just chat to us here.

Do I need home renovation insurance?

Even with the greatest of planning and care, refurbishment/renovation works to your property increase the chance of damage. Your insurer will, therefore, need full details of the confirmed or tentative work being carried out. This will then allow the insurer to review your premium accordingly.

With many ‘standard’ policies your cover is reduced to the very basic level of risks such a Fire, Lightening, Explosion, Earthquake and Aircraft. At CoverBuilder we aim to be able to cover the property in full and the contents within, especially if you remain in residence while the works are completed (this is subject to individual circumstances).

What information do I need when quoting for my insurance?

  • The value of works. How much are you planning to spend on the renovations?
  • Nature of construction and renovation. What works are being planned e.g. painting and decorating or a double-storey extension?
  • What impact will the construction and renovation have on the size of the property?
  • Timescale. When is the work due to start and finish?
  • Contractors and tradespeople. Will a professional complete the work or are you planning to conduct the work yourself?
  • Contract. Do you have a physical agreement in place with your contractor?
  • Public liability insurance. Do your contractors have public liability insurance?
  • Planning permission. Do you have the necessary planning consent for building works? If your property is a Listed Building then you will need consent from the relevant authorities to make any alterations.

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Customer Case Study

Sylvie turned to CoverBuilder when she was planning some renovations at her property. She says:

“My insurance renewal came at a time when I was just about to have the loft converted. My existing insurers advised that I no longer fit their criteria, due to this building work taking place.”

As a result Sylvie came to CoverBuilder and we were able to provide her with a competitive quote for cover while this conversion was taking place and beyond.

When do I need to inform my insurer of renovation works?

You will be required to inform your insurer of any cosmetic renovations you make to your property, this includes painting and any kitchen/bathroom replacement. You will particularly need to inform your home insurer of any structural, electrical or plumbing alterations to the property, to ensure the validity of your home insurance policy in the event of damage during this time.

I’m not going to be residing in the property during the renovation. Do I need to inform my insurer?

As standard, a household policy will only provide cover for a property that is vacant up to 30 consecutive days. If you are going to be moving out of your property for a longer period of time during your building works then you will need to inform your insurer. Based on this they can either alter your policy or advise you to replace it with more suitable specialist cover. Failure to do so could result in you running into difficulties should a claim be made.

Which insurance companies cover home renovation insurance?

Insurance for renovations will not necessarily be covered by your standard household policy, which is why we created our dedicated renovation cover. At CoverBuilder we don’t want anything to overshadow the exciting plans for your home. Hassle-free quoting, affordable premium and comprehensive cover from reputable UK insurers, are just some of the benefits you’ll experience with us.


5* Trustpilot review from Gavin Trimnell

Excellent customer service – very responsive and helpful. A great and flexible insurance offering for those planning to undertake improvement works on the home. Would highly recommend!

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