For those who don’t fit the mould

For a growing number of reasons, customers are often finding it difficult to insure their particular needs or situation.

Whether your property is in a flood risk area, suffered previous subsidence or simply has a flat roof, we welcome the chance to find the right cover for you. Also if your personal circumstances cause you issues finding insurance, we’re confident we can offer cover at a great price.

All of our insurance polices can be setup as buildings only, contents only or buildings and contents combined.

Avoid under insurance

If the worst happens and you need to claim, we’ve asked the right questions to make sure you are correctly covered.

Quality cover

We’ve negotiated hard on your behalf to bring you quality cover from the UK’s main insurers.

Realistic pricing

Premium cover doesn’t mean premium price. We make sure you are covered at a reasonable price.

Covering the extraordinary

We pride ourselves on being able to cover more of life’s unusual situations. There’s a growing list of reasons why most home insurers can’t offer cover or protect you fully.

Online policy viewer

Once you've taken out a policy, you’ll have access to our policy manager. You’ll be able to view your polcy details and look up claim information.

Secure online documents

As a customer you’ll be able to access your insurance documents securely online.

Buildings insurance

As standard to protect your home our policies offer a host of benefits.

  • Ensure you are completely protected should something happen to your property.
  • Cover for your permanent fittings e.g. wardrobes, Kitchen surfaces, bathroom fittings amongst other things.
  • We ask the right questions to make sure you have the correct level of cover for more serious events such as a total loss due to fire or other damage.
  • Our relationship with our Insurers means we can often find you quality cover where you have been declined before.

Contents insurance

You want items in the home to be protected and we make sure they are.

  • If you have items of particular high value you can make sure they are properly covered.
  • Extended cover to protect you when you have more valuables in the house e.g. Christmas and Birthdays.
  • Ability to extend your cover to protect items you take away from the home.
  • Cover for students away from the family home.
  • We remove the uncertainty of “are my things covered?”.
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