Home Insurance with lodgers, for live-in Landlords

Many standard insurers are unwilling or unable to cover your property if you choose to have paying lodgers live with you in a spare room. This may be because the increased footfall at your property can lead to an increased risk of damage or theft occurring or because the property could be seen as a commercial risk. CoverBuilder’s home insurance policy for people with lodgers is able to provide comprehensive cover despite these difficulties, meaning you can be confident you are correctly covered while generating extra income from your home.


Benefits of a CoverBuilder Lodger Home Insurance policy include:
  • Buildings and Contents cover options available
  • Cover even with more than one lodger at the property
  • Personal Possessions cover options available
  • Quote and buy online with instant acceptance



Need a little help quoting?

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Home Insurance when you have a lodger is also frequently referred to as Live in Landlord insurance, as unlike a property that is let to tenants lodgers live in the property alongside the owner.

Keys in palm of hand being given to lodgers

Before taking on a lodger there are a number of implications that you need to consider, in relation to your mortgage/rental agreement and your home insurance. If you own your property on a mortgage then you will need to inform your lender of your intention to take on a lodger as it could affect the terms of your mortgage and cause significant problems if they are not made aware of the change in the situation at your property. Equally, if you are a tenant then you need to inform your landlord and check
the terms of your lease to ensure that sub-letting the property is not going to break the terms of your lease.

In relation to your home insurance, there are a number of factors that need to be taken into account. The declarations that are asked when you take out insurance are in relation to you and anyone who usually lives at the property with you, including any lodgers. This means that any poor credit history, unspent convictions or previous bankruptcies that a lodger holds could have a negative impact on your insurance, making it harder to find cover and any cover that you can obtain being more expensive.

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How CoverBuilder can help

At CoverBuilder our specialist ‘rent a room’ insurance policies mean that you can be confident of your cover even if lodgers live at your property with you. Whether you have one lodger or 3, our flexible policies can be tailored to provide exactly the cover that you require at a competitive price. With the policy able to be completely quoted and purchased online, this can be done at a time that suits you, without the need for lengthy calls to call-centre staff.


Living room at house with lodgers


Although our lodger home insurance policies can cover your building and contents when you have a tenant living at your property with you, it does not provide cover for items belonging to your lodger. We strongly recommend they take out their own insurance policy to sufficiently protect their own personal belongings against damage or theft.

Letting via Airbnb UK and other home-sharing websites

Our Home Hosting Insurance™ has been created specifically for those who host guests at their property via home-sharing platforms.

If you let out rooms or even your whole property to guests, then this policy has been created to provide you with the coverage you could struggle to get via standard home insurance. If your guest is the cause of an incident such as damage to your property or possessions, theft from your home, fraudulent behaviour or legal claims, this policy can allow you to claim.