Home Insurance NI from £9.76* per month

no cancellation feeAt CoverBuilder, we work with a panel of insurance companies who specialise in covering house and flats in Northern Ireland. If you want to protect your building, contents and valuables then we will have a flexible policy for you. We also have a number of optional covers you can add on to your policy for just a few pounds per month.

Whether this is protecting your boiler with our home emergency cover or protecting your possessions away from the home too. Our fully online home insurance quote will take you through all the questions you need to answer and allow you to build your insurance package.




Our Northern Ireland home insurance policies can include;

  • Buildings cover up to £1.5million
  • Contents cover up to £150,000
  • Personal possessions up to £40,000
  • Trace & access cover up to £5000
  • Damage caused by theft or attempted theft
  • Malicious damage cover
  • Structural damage from subsidence, heave or landslip
  • Cover against flood and storm damage
  • Damage caused by escape of water or oil
  • Legal cover included as standard
  • Optional home emergency cover
  • Average call centre answer time under 1 minute

Whether you live in a standard brick and tile construction house or a more complicated risk such as a prefab property, our flexible cover options mean that you can compareni home insurance quotes to find the right policy to suit you.


Chat online with an insurance expert

Often insurance can involve more complex situations and circumstances, therefore we have our insurance experts standing by to help you through a vacant home insurance quote.



Home insurance NI


At CoverBuilder, we also provide the option to include personal possessions cover on your renter’s insurance policy. By selecting this optional cover, items such as mobile phones, laptops or expensive handbags can be covered against damage, loss or theft both within your home and when you are out and about.

Living room in Northern Ireland home

Home and contents insurance NI

If you are a property owner, or you rent but own your own furniture, then home insurance is a vital cover to have in place. Your policy can provide you with peace of mind that should any disaster or accident occur at your property, the funds will be available for you to repair the damage to your building or contents. Whether it is repairing foundations after subsidence or replacing your sofas after a flood, home insurance is there to protect you. Our comprehensive Northern Ireland home insurance policies mean that you will be fully covered no matter the damage that occurs at home.


Street view in Northern Ireland

Non-standard home insurance

Insurance is based on the understanding of risk, the risk of the property, the person(s) and the influencing outside factors such as location. Generally, insurers have set areas of risk they prefer to focus on. Most of these areas are standard scenarios, common building materials, property constructions, personal circumstances etc. A specialist non-standard insurer will focus on offering cover where other insurers turn it down. We also have a range of specialist AXA insurance NI policies available to ensure the best cover for you and your property.

At CoverBuilder we work with a number of insurers who specialise in offering home insurance policies to those who, unfortunately, fall into a non-standard category, including NI property home insurance. Our enhanced risk coverage means we can firstly, offer you a policy where others might have turned you away and secondly we can offer you a policy without penalising you on price. Compare NI home insurance quotes online for non-standard risks by clicking ‘Get A Quote’.


Block of flats in Northern Ireland


Examples of non-standard property risks:

Properties undergoing renovationUnoccupied propertiesProperties with a flat roofPrevious SubsidenceUnusual construction

Examples of non-standard personal circumstances:

Working from homeHigh-risk occupationPreviously refused insuranceClient CCJs, IVAs and BankruptcyBusiness from home cover

couple relaxing on sofa in NI home

Home Insurance NI Quote

Get a range of quotes to compare NI quotes from our fully online service. We work with a panel of insurers to make sure your needs are covered at competitive prices. If you want Building and/or Contents or if you have a non-standard insurance need, our online quote comparison will help. To obtain your specialist AXA insurance NI quote, simply click the ‘Home insurance quote’ button.


Home insurance comparison NI

CoverBuilder works with a panel of main brand insurance companies, including AXA, to offer you exclusive premiums based on your circumstances. Quotes are available directly through our site or through compareni. We will never charge you more for coming to our website via comparison sites such as compareni, meaning we always aim to offer our best price. Where possible we will offer you a choice of cover that is appropriate to the answers you provided. You can select our lowest premium or a high level of cover. Each can be tailored by selecting the voluntary excess of your choice.


Unoccupied home insurance Northern Ireland

CoverBuilder offers home insurance for properties that are left unoccupied for many reasons. These include awaiting property sale, renovating and property in probate. Our providers not only offer competitive cover for NI, but also can allow the property to be unoccupied for up to 12 months. SImply complete a quote and indicated how long you predict the property is going to be left unoccupied for. If you need to cancel mid-term then you can and receive a pro-rata refund for any unused premium.


empty room at unoccupied property NI

Second Home insurance Northern Ireland

People can own a second home for a number of reasons including working away during the week, having a holiday home to escape to on the weekend, or an inherited property that you haven’t yet made a decision on what to do with it. Insurance for these second homes can be harder to obtain than for a standard family home since they can often be left unoccupied for periods of time. Second homes can, therefore, be vulnerable to lots of the same risks as an unoccupied property.

Home and Contents Insurance NI


Contents insurance for tenants in Northern Ireland

  • Full contents cover available – protect your important belongings
  • Avoid paying for cover you don’t need
  • Cover for Landlord’s fixtures and fittings
  • Personal possessions cover available for items such as mobile phones

Northern Ireland living room contents

Specified personal possessions:

Any valuables that you want cover for that are worth more than £1000 will need to be listed individually on your policy.

Example: a diamond engagement ring worth £1800 would be a specified item. The specified items section doesn’t need to include general furniture such as sofas or beds.

pair of rings personal possessions

Unspecified personal possessions:

If you want cover for personal items which are worth less than £1000 individually then you can cover them as unspecified personal possessions, under a blanket cover. This category includes items such as mobile phones or tablets. You will not need to duplicate specified items in this section.




*£9.76 monthly premium is based on buildings only cover quotation and no additional covers selected. This is for a semi-detached, up to 4 bedroom property in NI where two retired people reside.This includes a £500 voluntary buildings excess and rebuild cost of £50,000.  This price was valid at 2nd November 2017.