Dedicated insurance for those who host paying guests at their home – £49.95

Our Home Hosting Insurance™ has been created specifically for those who host guests at their property via home-sharing platforms.

If you let out rooms or even your whole property to guests, then this policy has been created to provide you with the coverage you could struggle to get via standard home insurance. If your guest is the cause of an incident such as damage to your property or possessions, theft from your home, fraudulent behaviour or legal claims, this policy can allow you to claim. Take a look below in order to see the full range of cover offered.


Arrange cover in under 2 minutes.

We’ve kept our application process quick and easy to complete. Simply complete your details, the property to cover and submit your payment. Get instant cover by clicking ‘buy online‘ to get started. Home Hosting Insurance™ is a universal bolt-on to standard UK home insurance policies that offer limited or no cover for such hosting activities.


What cover you get with Home Hosting Insurance™

  • Up to £800,000 buildings cover
  • Up to £75,000 contents cover
  • Theft or attempted theft
  • Accidental, malicious damage or vandalism
  • Abuse of utilities and services
  • Lost key and lock replacement
  • Alternative accommodation for hosts (including host dogs/cats), and guests
  • Bodily injury or death of a guest up to £2million
  • Bodily injury or death of domestic staff up to £2million
  • £250 standard excess
  • No minimum claim limit
  • Annual cover only £49.95

Plus we’ve included legal assistance in our insurance as standard that covers;

  • Legal assistance in eviction of persons/over-stayers
  • Legal assistance to defend civil claim against host
  • Assistance in removing defamatory comments on social media
  • Assistance if as a host you suffer identity theft via guest



More details about what’s covered

Please review the full policy wording to understand the cover limits and conditions of the policy to make sure this insurance is suitable for your circumstance before making a purchase.


No minimum claim value limit

CoverBuilder has no minimum claim limit in place, unlike some other providers. This is worth checking as some host insurance providers enforce £1000 minimum claim limits


We’re happy to help with any questions

If you have any questions regarding our host insurance you can either online chat with us or call us on 0333 358 33 59 Monday to Friday 8:30am to 6pm.


Simple, clear and affordable

Our cover is just £49.95 for 12 months cover. Regardless of how much hosting you do throughout the year your cover is in place – we’ll then remind you as you enter your last month’s cover by providing renewal options.


Host Insurance


Do I need to keep telling you when I let my property?

No, once you enter your details and submit payment for the policy, we will have all the information we need. This means you don’t need to contact us every time you let your property to guests.


How many guests are covered?

Unlimited, this host insurance offers cover for multiple sets of guests at one time and multiple lets throughout the policy term.  This therefore means you can home share/let your whole property and/or multiple rooms out as many times as you like and you won’t invalidate your cover.


Which home-sharing sites can this host insurance be used with?

Similar to our policy on guest usage and frequency, we have not limit on which home-sharing platform you use when letting your home/room to short-stay guests. Typical examples include Airbnb, HomeAway, Windu,, and Theatre Digs Booker.


Host Insurance Cover


CoverBuilder Host Insurance in further detail

We’ve created a host insurance policy that covers areas often left unprotected by existing home insurance policies and product guarantees. We’ve broken down our policy to demonstrate how each section of cover protects you as a home-sharing host. It’s important to remember that all the cover below is related to a guest being the root cause of any claim.


Up to £800,000 of buildings cover

Our host insurance will cover your structure (walls, windows, roof and permanent fixtures and fittings) up to a value of £800,000 if it suffers damage as a result of guest’s actions. This could be due to malicious damage or vandalism or via accidental damage such a causing complete destruction through fire.


Up to £75,000 of contents cover

Our host insurance will cover your contents (furniture and personal possessions) up to the total value of £75,000. Any claim must be as a direct result of a guest’s actions, this could be in the form of deliberate damage and vandalism or accidental damage.


Theft and attempted theft

If a guest causes damage or loss as a result of theft then we cover this up to £20,000 in relation to your property e.g. damage to the property as a result of a theft or attempted theft. Our cover also protects you if your guest leaves your property unlocked and you suffer damage or loss of property as a result. We have also included cover for theft from outbuildings.


Accidental, malicious damage or vandalism

We offer up to £80,000 of cover in relations to claims for accidental or malicious damage or vandalism to your buildings (including permanent fixtures and fittings). We also offer up to £40,000 of cover in relation to accidental or malicious damage or vandalism to your contents.


Lost key and lock replacement

We cover the cost of a key and lock replacement if the guest loses your keys or damages the locking mechanism.


Alternate accommodation

If your home is made uninhabitable as a result of an incident caused by your guest we offer alternative cover for you up to £20,000, cover for kennel/cattery costs up to £5000 and cover for your guests up to £350. Please see the policy word for full limits and conditions.


Misuse of utilities and services

If you discover your guests have misused your services e.g. unauthorised calls and unauthorised satellite digital purchases, you can claim up to £250.


Escape of water or oil

We cover you if a guest causes an incident via accidental or malicious damage that leads to the escape of water or oil from any fixed water or heating installation, apparatus and pipes.


Damage to items in the home or garden caused by forced access by emergency services

If there is a serious incident at the host property and the emergency services are required, we cover up to £5,000 (contents) and £750 (buildings) of damage to your home and/or garden caused by fire, police or ambulance services as a result of an emergency.


Host insurance UK


PLUS Host liability insurance included

In the increasingly litigious society we live in and with the commercial nature of home sharing, our liability cover is included as standard with £2million worth of protection.

Bodily injury or death of a guest

If any guests are injured within your property then our liability is in place to cover you up to £2million.


Bodily injury to or death of domestic staff

If you hire any staff in relation to you hosting activities e.g. cleaners, and they are injured at your property then you are covered up to £2million.


PLUS Legal Assistance included as standard

We’ve specifically designed our legal assistance included as standard within our host policies to enhanced further you level of protection.

Legal assistance in eviction of persons/overstayers

If you find that any guests are refusing to leave your property, you have somewhere to turn with our legal assistance cover. Our dedicated legal support will help you with the process of eviction and the returning of the property to your possession.


Defence of a civil claim against you as a host

To support our liability cover element, you also have legal support via our civil claim defence cover.


Removing defamatory comments on social media

The cover will assist you to formally contact the social media website to request the removal of any defamatory comments.

Identity theft

If you are subject to identity theft as a result of a guest, our legal assistance will provide legal advice and cover the costs incurred to help rectify the issues. Our identity theft element includes;

1. Necessary Legal Expenses and ancillary costs incurred:

a) to defend a claim from a financial institution, merchants or their collection agencies;

b) for the removal of any criminal or civil judgements wrongly entered against the Insured Person;

c) challenging the accuracy or completeness of any information in a Credit Reference Agency report;

d) to create documents needed to prove the Insured Person’s innocent in terms of any financial irregularities committed unlawfully;

2. Postal and phone costs the Insured Person has to pay in dealing with financial institutions, the Police and Credit Reference Agencies to report or discuss an actual Identity Theft;

3. Fees charged for reapplying for a loan which has been rejected due to the original application being rejected solely because the lender received incorrect information;

4. The Insured Person’s lost earnings as a result of time away from work to go and see the Police, financial institutions or Credit Reference Agencies to report or discuss an actual Identity Theft.


Host Insurance Guest Room

Please review the full policy wording to understand the cover limits and conditions of the policy to make sure this insurance is suitable for your circumstance before making a purchase.


Enhancement not replacement

This cover has been specifically designed for hosts to boost their level of cover alongside their existing home insurer where the provider will not cover claims related to their hosting activities. This is not a replacement for home insurance and should therefore never be bought under those pretences. If you have any questions regarding the suitability of this host insurance please call us on 0333 358 3359 before purchasing.


Informing your existing home insurer

It is highly recommended to inform your existing home insurer that guest-hosting activities are taking place within your property. Regardless of whether they offer any cover, failure to inform your insurer could result in you invalidating your current policy. As a result, it could even lead to cancellation of your cover or other complications if you claim in future.


Host Insurance Home Sharing


Host insurance UK only

Currently, this host insurance is only available to those who host in a property that is based in the United Kingdom. This includes Northern Ireland.


Your guests’ belongings

As you would naturally assume, we do not cover any guests’ belongings while they are within your home. The guests’ own insurance contract would therefore need to cover any damage to their belongings.


Home Host Insurance


Qualifying criteria for host insurance

This Policy is designed to work alongside a Standard UK Issued Household Policy. It provides cover for these perils should an incident occur that is directly caused by the activities of Home Hosting. Therefore, in order for you to be eligible for this Policy, you must comply with the following conditions:

  1. You must have a Standard UK Issued Household Policy, which provides cover on an annual basis.
  2. You must make the provider of Your Standard UK Issued Household Policy aware that Your Home is used for Hosting Activities.
  3. Your Standard UK issued Household Policy must be in force for the entire duration of this Home Hosting Policy
  4. Both Your Standard UK Issued Household Policy and Home Hosting Policy must be in force for the entire duration of any Guest staying at or occupying Your Home.
  5. Your Home must be of standard construction. This means the walls are made of brick or stone and the roof is pitched and with tiles or slates.
  6. The number of bedrooms in Your Home must not exceed five.
  7. You or Your family and any permanent resident Your Home must not have been declared bankrupt or subject to CCJ’s, IVA’s and other adverse financial statuses.
  8. You or Your family and any permanent resident at Your Home must not have been convicted of a criminal offence (other than driving convictions) which is unspent.


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For those using Airbnb to host guests

Understanding the Airbnb ‘Host Guarantee’ and ‘Host Protection Insurance’. This cover is not connected with CoverBuilder insurance and is the cover provided by Airbnb directly.

Airbnb: Host Guarantee

The Host Guarantee provides protection for up to £600,000 in damages. Payments are subject to certain conditions, limitations, and exclusions. For more details, read the Host Guarantee terms. Hosts seeking payment under the Host Guarantee agree to cooperate with Airbnb and its insurers, including providing documentation of the claimed loss and agreeing to inspection in the rare cases when it may be necessary.

  • No coverage for damage to communal areas e.g. entrance halls, walkways, bike stores.
  • No coverage for cash, valuables or pets.

Learn more about the Airbnb Guarantee


Home Hosting Insurance


Airbnb: Host Protection Insurance

The Host Protection Insurance program provides primary liability coverage for up to $1 million per occurrence in the event of third-party claims of bodily injury or property damage. This coverage is also subject to a $1 million cap per listing location and certain conditions, limitations, and exclusions may apply. The Host Protection Insurance program covers landlords and homeowners associations in many cases when claims are brought against them because a guest suffers injury during a stay

  • This cover does not extend to slander or libel, any issues with the property, collisions involving vehicles or anything intentional.

Learn more about Airbnb Host Protection Insurance here

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Airbnb is a trademark of Airbnb, Inc., a company that is not affiliated with CoverBuilder