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The rise of home-sharing and room sharing services such as AirbnbHomeAway, SpareRoom phenomenal. For a host, it’s a great way of making a profit on an unoccupied room, particularly when there are large sporting or cultural events in your area that are drawing in visitors by the masses.

Covering your property with home insurance that allows Airbnb rental use is essential for those wanting long-term success with the reassurance if something went wrong then there is somewhere to turn and rely on to fix the situation.

Our Airbnb Host home insurance can offer just that. Get your fully online quote with payment options now.


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Please note: Our Airbnb insurance only offers cover whilst the owners of the property are still resident during the rental. For example; We don’t cover scenarios where the property owners vacate the premises to allow the guest to take over as a full property rental. We’re happy to discuss your Airbnb needs to make sure you are properly covered, get in touch here.


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Often insurance can involve more complex situations and circumstances, therefore we have our insurance experts standing by to help you through a quote. if you have any questions about how to quote for your type of property, personal circumstances or special insurance needs


Airbnb Insurance and more

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Is guest hosting covered by general home insurance?

Failure to inform your home insurer that you have Airbnb guests occasionally staying at your house could result in them refusing to pay out on an insurance claim you make. Even if the claim has nothing to do with an Airbnb guest.

guest room with double bed and other furnitureHow could they refuse?

By not informing your insurer they can argue that you have deliberately and knowingly withheld important information that impacts the risk they’re are insuring. This is often given the insurance term ‘non-disclosure’.

CoverBuilder is different

We welcome customers who already regularly host via Airbnb or those who are thinking about it in the future. We work with specialist insurance partners who understand how Airbnb works and have developed our insurance policy to cover, what is in effect a form of business use from home.

Enhance your level of cover with our specialist home insurance for Airbnb hosting

Our insurers have no issue covering customers who wish to become or already are Airbnb hosts and will use their insured property for this purpose. This is aimed at those who want to make use of an unused room within their property.

Combining our Home Hosting™ cover with Airbnb’s free protection enhances your all round level of Airbnb insurance UK protection.

Our online quote asks all the questions we need on your property type in order for us to fully cover rentals via Airbnb. We’ll provide you with an instant premium and online buy option.

Your Airbnb Guests belongings

As you would naturally assume, we do not cover any guests belongings whilst they are within your home. Any accidental damage or theft would have to be covered under their own insurance contract.

CoverBuilder home insurance features

  1. Buildings cover up to £1.5million
  2. Contents cover up to £150,000
  3. Personal possessions up to £40,000
  4. Trace & Access cover up to £5000
  5. Replacement locks cover
  6. New for old options
  7. Alternative accommodation
  8. Garden cover
  9. Theft from outbuildings
  10. 24/7 Claim helplines

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