Home Emergency Cover from £1.67 per month

All of our home insurance policies have the option to add Home Emergency Cover when you take them out. This can be done in the simple click of a button as part of the quote process without having to go through any extra questions. Home Emergency Insurance will cover the cost of emergency callout and repair to things such as plumbing, locks at your property, lost keys or pest infestations.


When things go wrong, you’ll want an easy option to fix them

Our Home Emergency Cover protects you for a wide variety of home emergencies. When the worst happens you’ll want somewhere to be able to turn and someone to fix it as soon as possible. With Home Emergency Cover, you have that somewhere to turn and all for under £2 a month with our Home Insurance policies.


What does home emergency cover include?Home Emergency Cover CoverBuilder

  • Cover for damage to plumbing and drainage
  • Water supply system failure (including blocked toilets and external drains within the boundaries of the property)
  • Electricity failure
  • Gas leaks
  • Cover for internal gas and water supplies
  • Cover for damage or failure of external locks, doors or windows
  • Lost key replacement
  • Failure or breakdown of your primary heating system
  • Contribution to the cost of alternative heating if primary system cannot be fixed within 6 hours
  • Clearance of pest infestations that are directly affecting your living space

Need a little help quoting?

We have insurance experts ready to help if you want to ask a question. Our average call answering is under 1 minute so give us a call on 0333 358 3359 or chat with us online via our livechat option (bottom right).


Home Emergency Cover options CoverBuilder


Home Emergency Cover with CoverBuilder from £1.67 per month


Why buy Home Emergency Cover?

When something goes wrong in your home you immediately want to fix it. Sometimes this may not be possible, due to being unable to contact a relevant tradesman or not being able to afford the cost of repairs. This is where Home Emergency cover comes in. For a small monthly charge, you can have complete peace of mind that not only will your insurer handle the appointment of the right person for the job, they will also pick up the bill. Home Emergency assists you when you most need it, making sure that an incident at your property does not impede upon your day to day life.


Home emergency cover blockage


Although some people choose to buy stand-alone Home Emergency cover, purchasing this alongside your home insurance comes with certain benefits. Not only is the product often cheaper, it also means that you don’t have to worry about remembering a number of different renewal dates as it will all be handled in one transaction. Plus, if you have a claim that utilises both your Home Emergency and your Buildings and Contents, liaising between the two companies will be far easier.

How to add Home Emergency Cover to your insurance quote

Once you have quoted for your home insurance with CoverBuilder, you have the option to add on Home Emergency Cover before submitting. Our prices are flexible as it can depend on the property being insured. Simply select ‘yes please’ within the Home Emergency section to add the cover to the premium. The overall premium will automatically recalculate.


How to add Home Emergency Cover to your Home Insurance


More about what Home Emergency Cover offers


Home emergency cover drainage


Plumbing and Drainage

  •  Damage to or failure of the plumbing and drainage system damage where internal flooding or water damage is likely consequence.
  • Blocked toilet.
  • Blocked external drains within the boundaries of the property where this can be resolved by jetting.


Home emergency cover plumbing


Internal Electricity, Gas, and Water Supplies

  • Electricity failure of at least one complete circuit, gas leak and water supply system failure.

Property Security

  • Damage or failure of an external lock, door or window.

Home Emergency cover Replacement locks

Lost Keys

  • Loss of the only available key to the property which cannot be replaced and normal access cannot be obtained.

Primary Heating System

  • Primary heating system where the system has failed or broken down completely.
  • A contribution towards the purchase or hire of alternative heating sources in the event that the primary heating system has failed completely.

Home emergency cover pest removal

Pest Infestation

Infestation of wasp nests, hornets nests, house mice, field mice, rats and cockroaches.

Home emergency cover with no excess

If you need to use our Home Emergency Cover then there is no excess to pay. You can check the limits of the cover below.

Home emergency cover plumber



For Emergency work the cost shall be limited (inclusive of VAT) to:

  1. i)  The Contractor’s call-out charge
  2. ii)  The Contractor’s labour up to a maximum of 1 hours
  3. iii)  Parts and materials up to £500.00
  4. iv)  Contribution to alternative heating purchased or hired by the Beneficiary up to £50

Subject to a maximum Claim Limit of £500.00 for each claim related by time or original cause.