Home Contents Insurance Cover

CoverBuilder are committed to providing the very best cover for the contents of your home, whether you just require the most basic insurance or a more specialist and customised policy would be more suitable for your needs.We can also provide home contents insurance for tenants as standard.

Contents insurance average cost does vary depending on the level of cover you select and risk factors such as the number of bedrooms at your house. However, we always provide the cheapest premium possible for you and automatically check our policies at renewal to ensure you are still receiving the best deal.

We can also provide contents insurance for students as part of our general insurance cover. This means that if you have a CoverBuilder policy then subject to individual policy details, items belonging to a child at university will automatically be covered.



Quoting to cover your personal possessions

The section below details how to quote for personal possessions cover to ensure that your valuable items and possessions can be fully covered both within your home and when you are out and about.

living room full of home contents

In total, how much cover do you require for personal possessions that you take away from home (each
individual item must be valued under £1,000)?

This section of cover is relating to personal possessions that you want cover for away from home but which do not individually have a high value. This could include items such as mobile phones, lower value items of jewellery, expensive wallets and the general contents of your handbag. This sum does not need to include specified valuables over £1000.

Do you also want to cover any individual high-risk items valued at £1000 or more in and/or away from home?

Specified personal possessions cover is for items that are classed as valuables and are individually worth more than £1000. Valuables include things like precious metals, works of art, watches and furs.You can choose to cover these items either within or away from the home when completing your quote. Covering them away from home is likely to be more expensive.

Example: If you want cover for a watch worth £2500 and two mobile phones worth £500 each, the total unspecified cover requested would need to be £1000. You would then enter the full details of the watch as a specified item and cover it for £2500.