Home insurance with business use

With numbers of those working from home across the UK soaring, many homeworkers still fail to check that their current home insurance is providing adequate cover. Many fail to inform their insurer at all.

If you work from home, you don’t necessarily need different home cover, however, you will need to make sure that your insurer is fully aware of the work that you do. If you’re working from home, in any capacity, you may require specialist home insurance.

We want to insure your home even if you run a home business

Protecting the properties of customers who work fully or partially from home is one of our specialist risks we can protect at CoverBuilder. You can quote and buy directly online, without any delays from having to go through your situation over the phone. Our questions are designed to offer cover for many scenarios.

  • Full cover for a property if you work or run a business from home
  • Extended covers such as theft and malicious damage included as standard
  • Cover for clerical business equipment up to £5000
  • Combined Buildings and Contents policies available

Who can we cover?

Examples occupations; beauty/beautician, childminding, clerical work, eBay/Etsy selling, fostering, medical/therapist, production, manufacturing, tuition, internet sales/business, catering & more considered.

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Business use from home in detail:

1) Clerical business use

If you carry out a hefty amount of administrative work from home, which includes the use of office equipment such as printers, laptops, and desktops, you will need to inform your insurer.

Examples of clerical working, Graphic designers, general office-based work

2) Regular business visitors to the property

In many instances, particularly if you are a service provider, visitors will often frequent your property. You will need to inform your insurer if this is the case for you and your business. A higher number of visitors means that your home and contents are more exposed to risk.

Example occupations that require regular business visitors: Beauticians, Child-minders, Accountants, Music Teachers, Tutors.

3) Other business use

There are other occasions in which you will need to inform your insurer of your home working set-up. For example, you may run an online shop including through outlets such as eBay or Etsy.

An example of other business use: Online retailers, cake maker, mechanic, photographer.

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Three easy steps to securing home insurance while running a home business:

home worker making phone call on mobileStep 1.) Assess your risk

Firstly, determine your business use. You must assess whether the work is clerical only, requires business visitors or if it doesn’t fit either of the above. You will also need to think about what sub category your work would fall into, for example, production/manufacturing, guesthouse or Internet sales.

Step 2.) Check your cover

If you already have a home insurance policy in place, complete the necessary checks with your insurer to make sure that the cover you have in place is adequate. If you don’t have cover in place, skip to step 3.

Step 3.) Quote with CoverBuilder

If you’ve discovered that your cover isn’t adequate or if you’re looking to take out a new policy, why not try a quote with CoverBuilder. If the cover under your standard home insurance will be compromised by your business use, you can turn to us to protect your home.