Home Insurance if you have a high risk occupation

Your occupation can have a big impact on the price of your home insurance. Many general insurers avoid jobs seen as ‘high risk’.  At CoverBuilder we cover a variety of scenarios that other insurers refuse. Our quote website will ask you everything we need to know and then give you an instant decision and premium. No lengthy phone calls talking through your private information and affordable cover even if you have a high risk occupation.

Enhanced home insurance cover;
  1. Cover for a variety of professions not usually covered by standard insurers.
  2. Cover available if your work frequently takes you away from home for long periods.
  3. Policies available for people who’s work places them in public eye.
  4. Instant online acceptance.



What job types are classed as high risk?

To help you understand if you are in one of these statistically higher risk occupations, we’ve categorised them into areas of work;

  • Business visitorsChildminders, Musicians, Tutors and Beauticians
  • Vacant property – Night shift workers, Military and Offshore working
  • Sellers – Jewelers, eBay or similar e-commerce sellers
  • In the public eye – Politicians, Musicians, Journalists and Actors


examples of different high risk occupation


Our insurers are happy to quote for customers with a high risk occupation which is not acceptable to other insurers. This means we can usually offer excellent levels of cover at more affordable prices. We offer a fully online quote and buy option, get a price in minutes.


5 ways your occupation could affect your household premium

Whilst there is some risk with every job, some naturally carry a greater risk than others. You may never have
considered the effects of your occupation on your household insurance before, so here are a couple of things you may need to think about:

  1. Do you have regular visitors to your home?
  2. If your property often left vacant for longer periods?
  3. Does your occupation mean that your property is left unoccupied at nighttime?
  4. Are you in the public eye in any way?
  5. Does your occupation require you to keep expensive goods on your home premises?

If all or one of the above applies to your occupation, you will be seen as a greater risk to the insurer, and therefore may be required to secure specialist home insurance.


Getting the right cover if my occupation is deemed to be high risk

If you are being labelled as high-risk because of your job, you can rely on a specialist home insurer such as CoverBuilder. Our panel of insurers are selected specifically due to their ability to cover ‘more specialist’ jobs and the circumstances attached to them.

Our fully online quote system allows you to easily get a premium and buy instantly for a wide selection of occupational circumstances.