Home Insurance for Guest Houses

If you run a guest house from your property, standard insurers may not be able to offer you sufficient cover. The business use at your property is likely to be a prohibitive factor for many of the biggest insurance providers. At CoverBuilder we are guest house insurance specialists who provide cover for your home that you use to host paying guests. This cover for guest house use can also encompass insurance for UK Airbnb hosts. These people may let out a room at their property on a full or part-time basis.

Features of a CoverBuilder Guest House Insurance Policy include:
  • Combinations of buildings and contents cover available
  • Cover even if you take on multiple guests at a time
  • Instant online quote and premium
  • Policies available for larger than average properties
  • Generous valuables cover limits
  • Average call centre answer time under 1 minute

Bedroom in guest house


How much does guest house insurance cost?

It is often more expensive to insure your guest house than it is to insure your family home. This is because more people will be passing through the property, creating a higher risk of damage happening. However, we aim to provide competitive quotes for guest house properties. We often return cheaper premiums than many of our competitors despite the business use that is occurring at the property. We aim to ensure that insurance costs do not impact the successful running of a business from your home.

In addition to higher premiums, guest house insurance services can be harder to find in the first place. This is because it is a more specialised risk. Many insurers do not have the facility to produce flexible policies that can allow for a property being used as someones home as well as their business. Also, such properties are likely to be larger than the average home. Luckily, at CoverBuilder this is an area we have chosen to specialise in.

Bedroom within guest house

Bed and Breakfast insurance

Our guest house insurance policies can also cover you if you require B&B insurance. These two terms are frequently interchanged. Your home and contents can be covered no matter how you choose to accept your paying guests. The only condition is that you remain in residence during their stay.

This includes providing cover for you if you are an Airbnb host. It also covers you if you let out rooms via onefinestay or another room letting provider.

Cover for your personal possessions

If you want cover for items such as mobile phones jewellery, this can be included in your guest house home insurance policy. This cover will mean that your items are covered if you take them away from home, as well as when they are in your house. This provides complete peace of mind that you are properly protected. The section below explains how to quote for this cover:

In total, how much cover do you require for personal possessions that you take away from home (each individual item must be valued under £1,000)?

This section of cover is relating to personal possessions that you want cover for away from home. These things should not individually have a high value. This could include items such as mobile phones, lower value items of jewellery, expensive wallets and the general contents of your handbag. This sum does not need to include specified valuables over £1000.

Do you also want to cover any individual high-risk items valued at £1000 or more in and/or away from home?

Specified personal possessions cover is for items that are classed as valuables and are individually worth more than £1000. Valuables include things like precious metals, works of art, watches and furs. You can choose to cover these items either within or away from the home when completing your quote. Covering them away from home is likely to be more expensive.


tea making facilities in guest house room

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