Home Insurance policies, designed for Foster Carers

At CoverBuilder we understand that foster children are members of your family. They are therefore classified under our home insurance policies as members of your immediate family. Our policies ensure that there is no differentiation between your own children and those that you are fostering, either temporarily or long term.

This means that your home and belongings will be fully covered by your buildings and contents policy. The same of course applies to any belongings that are owned by your foster children.

If you choose to add the extended Accidental Damage option to your policy then you will also be covered for any breakages or damage that has been caused by your foster children. As a result, this means you can have full peace of mind that your home will be covered if damage occurs and focus your time and energy on your expanding family. Being a foster parent is incredibly rewarding but can also be challenging at times as you all adjust to your new family structure. Having the right insurance in place means that your focus can be put on the important areas of your life.

Benefits of a CoverBuilder Foster Parent policy:
  • Buildings cover up to £1.5million
  • Contents cover up to £150,000
  • Extended Accidental Damage cover available
  • Cover for foster children’s belongings as standard
  • Cover for foster children’s belongings away from home if personal possessions cover selected



Some insurers will classify fostering children at your home address as business activity at your home. This is because of the financial support that is provided when looking after foster children. This can mean that you pay a higher price for the same level of cover. However, none of our underwriters class this as a business activity and therefore you will be charged the same price for insurance as anyone else. We aim to provide the most competitive quotes possible even if your property has additional specialist requirements, such as being a listed building.

Cover for Foster Children’s belongings

Foster children toys

CoverBuilder classes foster children as members of your immediate family. Therefore any items that are owned by them will automatically be included in your contents cover. This means that any toys, games, clothes or personal possessions they own can be covered. They are therefore treated in exactly the same way as if they were your own children. However, if your foster children own any particularly valuable items they may need to be specified on your policy in order to be covered. If in any doubt at all then the best bet is to contact our friendly customer services team who will be able to offer advice on your specific circumstances.

Taking out a home insurance policy to cover you and your foster children is incredibly simple with CoverBuilder. All you need to do is include your foster children in the total number of residents that you declare in your quote. Your policy can then be submitted as normal with the reassurance that your entire household is fully protected.