Providing competitive home insurance for ex-offenders

Convictions & Criminal Records are a specialist home insurance risk we can quote for. Our quote system is designed to offer home insurance cover for many scenarios that can result in a person receiving a criminal record.

  • Cover for ex-offenders with a variety of unspent convictions
  • Cover for multiple unspent convictions
  • Wide acceptance of conviction types
  • Confidential handling of your quote
  • 100% quote online & buy
  • Competitive premiums designed for ex-offenders
  • Outstanding customer service with an average call answer time of under 1 minute

 Please note we are unable to offer cover for certain convictions including fraud and offences relating to minors


Ex offender home insuranceMaintaining your privacy

We understand that previous convictions can be a difficult subject to talk about, so with that in mind, we have ensured that your policy can be handled completely online, from quote to completion. We also only ask the questions that are relevant to your home insurance quote.

Ex-offenders buildings and contents insurance

Whilst we cover a number of criminal record scenarios, there are a number of factors to consider to make sure you get the most competitive premium. We keep the questions we ask to a minimum to maintain your privacy, to help get your quote we will be asking for information on the following;


Criminal record what you need to quote for home insurance


  • What was the conviction for?
  • Who received the conviction?
  • What was the date of conviction?
  • What sentence was given?

Cautions, reprimands and final warnings don’t need to be recorded as they’re not classed as criminal convictions.

What impact might my criminal record have on my home insurance policy?

We have already confirmed that it can be more difficult to source insurance if you have a criminal record. If you do manage to obtain cover this is often for a highly inflated premium that can be tricky for the average family to afford. Our aim is to provide inclusive insurance that offers competitive premiums to people with previous convictions.


ex-offender home insurance


Do you have to declare spent convictions?

You do not need to disclose convictions that are considered spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. The only exception to this is if the offence resulted in a prison term of over four years, in which case this will still need to be noted.  The period after which your conviction is considered spent varies depending on the length of the sentence and your age when the crime was committed (as an adult or as a minor). Cautions, reprimands and final warnings are not criminal convictions and will therefore not need to be communicated to your insurer. The Money Advice Service has an impartial guide to getting insurance with criminal convictions, learn more here.

ex-offender home insurance


What are the consequences if convictions are not disclosed?

A relevant question to ask is ‘do insurance companies check criminal records? The questions insurers ask are essential to understanding the risk of the person and property that they are being asked to insure. As such, if there is a misrepresentation of these risks it can lead to the insurer inaccurately quoting. The danger is that at a point of you needing to claim, insurers will often verify the details you provided as part of their claim handling process.

Withholding information

Purposely withholding information when quoting for any insurance can lead to issues further down the line. Non-disclosure of a previous conviction could result in a claim you make being turned down or worse your policy voided. This would leave a person without any payment to rectify the incident.

ex-offender home insurance


Do you need to know if a family member, within the house, has a conviction?

When taking out a home insurance policy the insurer is agreeing to cover the risk for you and anybody that usually resides within the property with you. Therefore previous convictions belonging to any permanent occupants of the insured address will need to be declared on your quote. This maybe a sensitive subject as people within the property may not want to go over their criminal record details. Rest assured that at CoverBuilder your confidential details remain just that. More information can be found on disclosure of convictions here.

ex-offender home insurance


Does being an ex-offender affect home insurance?

There are multiple reasons and scenarios that an insurer will consider when quoting for a customer with a criminal record. Often regardless of the conviction, an insurer will deem that person a higher risk.

  1. The moral factor The fact that the person applying has a criminal record will lead many general insurers to think about that person’s moral standing. This for them draws into the equation honesty and dependability when quoting.
  2. Other factors A person with a criminal record could also be higher risk due to future repercussions/revenge incidents. This puts the property in a higher perceived level of danger.
  3. Refused and declines You may have reached our site after searching for a company that can cover criminal convictions. Many companies will look to avoid such a scenario and will either increase their premiums with a highly inflated price to become uncompetitive or refused to offer cover at all. You may also have experienced a refusal at renewal if the conviction has occurred within your last policy term.

 ex-offender home insurance