Criminal record home insurance – Cover for those with a conviction

CoverBuilder provides insurance for those who struggle to get cheap cover due to a criminal record. Many companies refuse cover or increase prices for people with a criminal record. We work with a panel of underwriters to offer you affordable criminal record home insurance.  This covers a wide variety of convictions, sentence types and sentence lengths. We are one of the leading providers of this type of policy.

  • Wide acceptance of unspent convictions
  • Competitive cover for single or multiple unspent convictions
  • Many situations considered
  • Confidential and sensitive approach
  • Online quote and buy feature
  • Instant access to policy documents online via the ‘My Account’ area
  • Outstanding service with calls answered on average in under 1 minute
  • Criminal record home insurance specialists



Criminal Convictions privacy and discretion guaranteed

Maintaining your privacy

We understand that a criminal record can be difficult to talk about.  With that in mind, we have designed our website to be able to quote for as many types of convictions as we can online. There’s no the need for lengthy, intrusive phone calls. We only ask the questions that are relevant to us being able to provide you with a quote.

What information is needed for a quote?

Whilst we cover a number of criminal record scenarios, there are various things to think about to make sure you get the best premium. We keep the questions we ask to a minimum to maintain your privacy and make the quote process straightforward.

  1. What was the cause of the conviction?
  2. Who on the policy was involved?
  3. What are the dates?
  4. What sentence was given?

Cautions, reprimands and final warnings don’t need to be recorded as they’re not classed as criminal convictions.


What conviction types do we quote for online?

Whilst there are a large number of conviction types, our aim is to offer insurance online for as many as we can. We work with a panel of UK underwriters who specialise in criminal record home insurance. Factors such as sentence type and length also affect our online quote availability.

Generally, we can offer online insurance quotes for convictions such as:

  • Actual bodily harm (ABH)/Grievous bodily harm (GBH)
  • Arson
  • Burglary
  • Criminal damage
  • Drug-related
  • Handling stolen goods
  • Fraud
  • Manslaughter
  • Obstructing a police officer
  • Robbery/shoplifting/theft
  • Wounding with intent

And more…


How will my criminal record affect my home insurance?

There are many things an insurer will look at when quoting for a customer with a criminal record. Often that person will be seen as a higher risk whatever the conviction type.

  1. The moral factor – The fact that the person applying has a criminal record will lead many insurers to think about that person’s moral standing. This could lead them to question the person’s honesty and dependability.
  2. Other factors – A person with a criminal record could also be higher risk due to future revenge incidents. This puts the property in a higher risk group.
  3. Refused and declines – You may have reached our site after searching for a company that can cover criminal convictions. Many companies will look to avoid such a situation. They will either increase price to become uncompetitive or refuse to offer cover at all. You may also have experienced a refusal at renewal if the conviction has occurred within your last policy term.

Do I have to declare spent convictions?

You only need to note unspent convictions when you quote with us. You do not need to tell us about convictions that are considered spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. The only exception to this is if you received a prison term of over four years. In this case, it will still need to be noted. When your conviction is considered spent can vary. This is because it depends on the length of the sentence and your age when the crime was committed (as an adult or as a minor).



What are the consequences if the criminal record is not disclosed?

A common question when it comes to obtaining insurance is ‘do insurance companies check criminal records?’ The questions insurers ask help them to understand the risk of the person and property that they are being asked to insure. As such, if risks aren’t described properly it can lead to an inaccurate quote. The danger is that at a point of you needing to claim, insurers will often verify the details you provided as part of their claim handling process.


Withholding information could lead to a refused claim

Purposely withholding information when quoting for any financial product can lead to issues further down the line. Non-disclosure of a previous conviction could result in a claim you make being turned down or worse your policy voided. This would leave a person without any payment to rectify the incident.


A family member that I live with has a criminal record – do you need to know about it?

When taking out a home insurance policy the insurer is agreeing to cover the risk for you and anybody that usually resides within the property with you. Therefore previous convictions belonging to any permanent occupants of the address will need to be declared on your quote. This may be a sensitive subject as people within the property may not want to go over their criminal record details. Rest assured that at CoverBuilder your confidential details remain just that. More information can be found on disclosure of convictions here.


Where can I turn if I feel I’m being unfairly treated?

If you were turned down for a claim or you were not happy with your provider’s actions when dealing with the claim, you can look to the Financial Obudsman Service (FOS). The FOS is an unbiased organisation that can independently review your situation with a regulated financial company and where required, can overrule their decision and order corrective actions and compensation (where necessary).