Protecting Your Contents In a Rental Property

As a tenant, your landlord will be responsible for insuring the building in which you live. However, your own contents that you have in the property with you will be your responsibility. You will need to insure them in case of an incident. This may be something such as break-in or fire. This is where renters or tenants insurance comes in.

Your tenant’s contents insurance will cover the general furniture and belongings that you keep in your home. These will be covered against all of the standard issues that could cause damage . This includes things such as fire, smoke, theft, escape of water or storm damage. When a policy is taken out you should always check the policy wording. You will then know exactly what is and isn’t covered.

Benefits of a CoverBuilder renters insurance policy:
  • Full contents cover available – protect your important belongings
  • Avoid paying for cover you don’t need
  • Cover for landlord’s fixtures and fittings
  • Personal possessions cover available for items such as mobile phones
  • Full quote and buy online
  • Average call centre answer time under 1 minute

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Cover for your personal possessions

At CoverBuilder, we also provide the option to include personal possessions cover on your renter’s insurance policy. By selecting this cover, items such as mobile phones, laptops or expensive handbags are protected. This is against damage, loss or theft, both within your home and when you are out and about.

Specified personal possessions:

Any valuables that you want cover for that are worth more than £1000 will need to be listed individually on your policy.

Example: a diamond engagement ring worth £1800 would be a specified item. The specified items section doesn’t need to include general furniture such as sofas or beds.

Unspecified personal possessions:

If you want cover for items which are worth less than £1000 individually then you can cover them as unspecified personal possessions. This category includes items such as mobile phones or tablets. You will not need to duplicate specified items in this section.

Cover for your Landlord’s fixtures and fittings

Sometimes it is written into your lease that there are certain parts of the building that you are responsible for. This could include things like kitchen units. You can then claim for these under your tenant’s contents insurance policy. This is included as standard within your CoverBuilder tenant’s policy. You will be covered for damage caused by standard insured events such as fire, flood or explosion.

Such cover can provide peace of mind for you as a tenant. You can know that your contents insurance will cover your landlord’s fixtures and fittings.

Cover is not provided for damage that is caused by any paying guests at the property. Nor is it provided for any losses that occur when your home has been unoccupied for over 30 days in a row. The maximum amount that will be paid out for a claim relating to your tenant’s liability is £5000.


Example: A fire has broken out in the kitchen and ruined the kitchen units. In your tenancy agreement, it has been stated that you are responsible for these. Your policy will, therefore, pay out to replace these. You will also be covered for any contents of yours that have been damaged.


Tenants contents insurance cover landlords fixtures fittings

What is Tenants Liability Insurance?

This is cover against accidental damage to your landlord’s fixtures and fittings. It also covers any landlord’s contents within the property you are renting. This is as long as your responsibility is noted in your tenancy agreement. In the event that you accidentally damage your landlord’s property you have a policy to be able to claim against. You can claim up to the value of cover you select.

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