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CoverBuilder is a leading provider of coach house property insurance, new build or older. Our policies provide full cover for the building in its entirety, whether the ground floor element of your property consists of garages, carports or simply parking spaces. This can provide you and your leaseholders with full peace of mind the correct cover is in place.

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Often insurance can involve more complex situations and circumstances, therefore we have our insurance experts standing by to help you through a quote. If you have any questions about how to quote for your coach house, personal circumstances or special insurance needs just click the chat icon bottom right.

We work with a panel of insurance companies specifically to cover customers with a Coach House property type. We’ve designed our policy quote and buy process to be straightforward.

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Coach House Home Insurance


Freehold coach house with leasehold garages insurance

If you own a freehold coach house with leasehold garages we are able to provide insurance for you. This means that if the garages below your property are owned on a lease but you still hold the freehold and are responsible for insurance, then you are eligible for one of our policies. The buildings element of a policy will cover your building in its entirety, including your home and the garages beneath.

However, contents cover will only apply to the contents that belong to you – items owned by the leaseholders and stored in the garages will need to be covered separately by their owners.


Freehold coach house with leasehold garage insurance

Freehold coach house with leasehold garage insurance


Why it’s difficult to find buildings insurance for coach houses

Coach houses can be difficult to insure with standard insurers due to their unusual construction. There is perceived to be a higher risk at this kind of property because the garages that are usually situated on the ground floor, are not under the sole control of the property owner and are therefore more vulnerable to damage.

For example, if the leaseholder of one garage were to store a flammable liquid such as petrol in there, the risk of a fire breaking out and causing damage to your property as a whole is increased significantly.

Fortunately, modern Coach Houses are usually built with top fire prevention materials to decrease this risk and insurers such as CoverBuilder are happy to provide full cover regardless of the potential difficulties.


The definition of a Coach House

A Coach House is typically a property that is situated above a row of garages or carports, usually 3, that generally encompasses the freehold for the entire building. Originating from a design that allowed horses and their carriages to be securely kept under a property at night, the coach house is once again rising in popularity due to the space saving design that they allow.

The freeholder that lives in the property will generally have the use of one of the garages, with the others being leased to neighbouring properties on long-term leaseholds. Insurance responsibility for the whole building generally falls with the freehold unless the terms of the lease specify something different.