Claims History Home insurance for those with previous claims

At CoverBuilder we look to offer cover at a competitive price where other insurers have declined or hiked the premium – especially due to previous claims. We work with a panel of underwriters with the aim of providing home insurance even if you have previous claims or high claim amounts. All out quotes are 100% online with an instant price.

Scenarios we cover;

  1. A variety of previous claims reasons for different issues
  2. Those who have claimed a number of times for the same issue
  3. A previously expensive home insurance claim


Need a little help quoting?

We have insurance experts ready to help if you want to ask a question. Our average call answering is under 1 minute so give us a call on 0333 358 3359 or chat with us online via our livechat option (bottom right).

Reasons to choose CoverBuilder for Home Insurance

We work with a panel of insurance companies specifically to cover customers with large, multiple or complicated claim histories. We’ve designed our policy quote and buy process to be straightforward.

  1. Our quotes are 100% online meaning no lengthy phone call referrals
  2. Offering competitive rates for those with adverse claims histories
  3. Wide range of acceptance criteria
  4. Instant online decision & acceptance
  5. Standard policy excesses apply unless otherwise stated in policy documents
  6. Instant cover
  7. Average call centre answer time under 1 minute

causes of poor claim history graphic

Common reasons that result in a poor claims history:

  1. Flood damage caused by external water entering your property
  2. Escape of water from leaking or burst pipes within your home
  3. Theft from home including stolen contents and damage to buildings
  4. Damage caused by fire or smoke
  5. Property damage caused by subsidence
  6. Accidental damage claims

Where can I get home insurance if I’ve previously made a claim?Don't let previous claims impact your current insurance

Often through no fault of your own, you face difficulties with your property and have to make a claim on your home insurance policy. Maybe you’ve historically made a claim on a previous home that’s making it hard for you to find an affordable premium for your new residence?

Insurers assess the insurance risk of your home or personal circumstances and will return a premium price accordingly. A quote with a number of previous claims will inevitably make insurers more cautious as they will perceive there to be a higher risk of future claims. With many insurers, you will find yourself being penalised for claims with a sudden increase in your premium. In some instances, you may be left with refused or declined insurance.

How long do previous claims stay on your record?

When you complete a quote with CoverBuilder we only ask that you declare any claims made in the past 5 years. You will not be required to list claims made before this point as they will have no impact on your premium or cover.

Can I hide any claims made on my previous insurance from my new insurer?

Honesty is key when it comes to taking out any form of insurance policy. Failure to disclose adverse insurance claims history and misleading your insurer can, not only, invalidate your policy, but also prevent you from being able to purchase any insurance in the future.

It has become increasingly difficult to conceal any previous home insurance claims from your insurer following the introduction of the information sharing system, the Claims and Underwriting Exchange in 1994.

What is The Claims and Underwriting Exchange?

The Claims and Underwriting Exchange is an organization established to provide UK insurance firms access to an extensive repository of insurance claims made by policyholders.

The main objective of the CUE is to ultimately reduce the number of fraudulent claims made.

Filling in forms for poor claims history home insurance