Cover for domestic solar panels

Solar panels on the roofs of people’s homes are becoming more of a common sight across Britain. More and more people are now looking for alternative and renewable energy sources.

In recent years there have been a number of schemes that provide homeowners with solar panel grants. These help with what can be relatively high costs of installation. Price is definitely a factor that many people are concerned by when thinking about investing in renewable energy. The average solar panels uk cost works out at around £6000. Prices can range from £1500 up to £10,000. The spec of the panels and the size of the property they are fitted to will influence this. However, prices have continued to drop over recent years. The more the technology advances, the more affordable it is becoming for homeowners to buy solar panels uk wide.




Are solar panels covered by my buildings insurance?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions and is something that would need to be checked with your specific insurer. At CoverBuilder, as long as you are the owner of the panels we will be able to cover them as part of your buildings insurance. However, it is important to make sure the buildings sum insured you have requested is high enough. This figure needs to cover the rebuild cost including replacing your solar panels. They can cost many thousands of pound on their own so this is very important to get right.

When you first buy solar panels it is possible they may come with some form of solar panel warranty insurance. However, you should not be fooled into thinking that this means you don’t need to cover them under your buildings insurance. Warranty policies such as these will often only cover mechanical failure. Any outside damage that may befall them would therefore not be covered.

Standalone insurance

Some people do choose to purchase a separate solar panel breakdown cover. Standalone policies such as these can often come with very high price tags that many find too expensive. Although many companies offer insurance for solar panels, the cover available under a household buildings policy will be enough in most situations.

A commonly used term in the world of solar panels is photovoltaic system. Put simply, this is the type of solar technology that is commonly used for domestic solar panels. It works by converting light energy into usable electricity that can power a home. This is usually done via the use of a solar panel inverter, which is able to convert the energy into this different form.

domestic solar panels on home roof


Solar panels facts:

  • More than 500,000 households have solar panels on their roofs in the UK as of the beginning of 2014.
  • Enough Sunlight falls on the earth every hour to meet the world’s energy demand for a whole year. (If we could just capture it!)
  • You can install solar panels in just one day, making them a quick and easy addition


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