Protecting your property against fire damage

Fire damage is one of the biggest risks to threaten your family home. It is certainly is one of the things that people think of when discussing home damage. A house fire can rip through a property, completely destroying the contents as well as the structure of the house itself. They can often take hold in a matter of minutes making them hard to contain and control.

Some people do not realise that building insurance covers fire damage at your property. Having suitable home insurance in place you can ensure that you will be protected if your property is damaged by a fire. A house fire is an incredibly traumatic event. However, having your home and contents protected means that you can at least afford to replace your lost material goods.


buildings insurance with fire damage cover


It is important to ensure that you have working smoke alarms within your property. Therefore in the unfortunate circumstance of a fire taking place, you will have plenty of warning to make your way safely out of the house and call the emergency services. To ensure these are in good working order they should be checked regularly.  You should be sure to change batteries on a regular basis. Some people also choose to have additional fire safety equipment in their homes, such as fire blankets or extinguishers.


What to do if you discover a house fire

  1. Keep calm and try not to panic.
  2. Warn everybody in the house as quickly as you can and get out of the building using a pre-planned escape route.
  3. Smoke and hot air rise so stay low to the floor where the air will be easier to breathe.
  4. As soon as you are out of the building make your way to an agreed meeting point. The emergency services should then be contacted as soon as possible. Do this once you are safely out of the building.


Fire and its causes

Many people wonder, does insurance cover cigarette fires? The short answer is that yes it does. When the policy was submitted you would have been asked whether there was a smoker at the property. As long as this has been fully disclosed, any claim for subsequent fire damage should theoretically be covered. Obviously, this will be dependent on the individual circumstances of the claim. Generally, a house fire caused by cigarette insurance claim will usually be valid and paid out on.

buildings insurance with fire damage cover


Once they have recovered from the shock of experiencing a house fire, many people will then scour the internet in search of fire insurance claims tips. The best advice that can be given is to comply fully with your insurance company and loss adjustor. Being completely honest about any damaged goods and their value is the best way of ensuring that you get a good deal. Any attempts to fraudulently claim for items could see the entire claim denied or worse still, your policy voided. Not only will this leave you with an expensive bill to foot yourself, it will also be incredibly difficult to obtain any insurance products in the future.