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What must-have technologies should a keen gardener have?

Tuesday, July 3 2018

With numbers of smart homes ever increasing and an endless stream of new gadgets available, it seems our gardens haven’t escaped the rise of technology either. There has been an abundance of innovations designed to give the keen gardeners among us the help they need to grow more within the perimeter of their garden. Here, garden specialists Suttons look at what this year’s must-have gardening utensils are.


Useful apps

There’s an app for pretty much anything out there and gardening isn’t any different. So, which apps should you be paying attention to?

  • GrowIt! — This app is particularly useful to those who’ve just moved to a new house or those who are trying to get used to gardening in a certain location. It can point you in the direction of local gardeners who have great knowledge of the climate and soil type and can provide valuable advice. It’s also possible to upload your own photos of your plants so you can pass on your own knowledge to the Growlt! Community.
  • Garden Compass — This app could be ideal if you’re searching for other like-minded folk to share your gardening images with. It allows you to upload your photos to the website, ask the experts questions and create your very own garden care calendar.


Heated propagators

Unfortunately for Britain, our climate often doesn’t allow us to grow our favourite plants and vegetables from around the world — or at least it didn’t. Introducing heated propagators.

A heated propagator enables seeds to germinate earlier and more successfully, so less will go to waste. Tools such as heated greenhouses and heated benches were the first kind of innovation which let you do this, but they can substantially increase your costs as they need to be on all the time to be successful. The propagator, on the other hand, is equipped with walls and a lid which can help to retain the warmth often lost in heated greenhouses and benches.

It’s easy to adapt the temperature between 5°C to 30°C, so you can grow a wide range of plants and flourish your seeds. As some exotic seeds and hot chillies need to be in warmer temperatures, not having this technology could make it impossible to grow. One added bonus to growing them from seed is that it is more cost-effective than buying an already germinated young plant, so you could save yourself valuable pennies!

Also, a lot of heated propagators have a light installed to help seedlings and cutting grow, allowing high output for low energy as the propagator’s reflector can reflect any lost let to help diffuse light into the plant leaves.


Olloclip pro-lens

Many of us want to capture our plants in the best way possible so we can share our snaps with others and boast on social media. The plant’s true beauty is often found in its leaves and the best way to capture this is by investing in an Olloclip Pro Lens.

This nifty bit of tech fits nicely to your iPhone by clipping over the lens and combines with your phone’s own zoom capabilities. It’s perfect for capturing those details that aren’t visible to the naked eye and those little insects that are enjoying your garden. One thing is for sure, you’ll be guaranteed to take some great shots all from the comfort of your phone.


Multi-pot watering

Even the most organised among us can sometimes forget to water our plants.  Thankfully, with the help of a pot watering kit, you’ll never have to worry about this again.

These kits, which can sense what time of day it is, are able to water up to 25 plants automatically. You can even set it up to slowly release water to the root of the plant.  Simply connect it to your outdoor garden tap and the hassle will diminish further.


Monitoring what your plants require

Unfortunately, plants don’t have the ability to let us know what they need, so we must make our own judgement based on what climate you are in and what the soil type is in your garden. However, the Parrot Flower Power plant monitor is a useful gadget that can help you to make your decision.

With 7,000 plants in its database, it understands the essential needs of your plant. With a six-month battery life, just place the monitor into the soil next to your plant and it will detect sunlight, temperature and fertilizer. You will then receive this information directly to your smartphone, so you’ll know when best to water or fertilize your plant.

So, there you have it! There are tools out there to help your every gardening need, from simplifying the germination process to watering dozens of pots at once, there really isn’t much that technology can’t do.

Suttons LogoThis guest post was supplied by John Hannen on behalf of Suttons. Suttons is an online gardening site providing a wealth of information as well as selling plants and seeds across the country.