Home Insurance for BISF homes

At CoverBuilder, we specialise in providing home insurance for customers with a BISF house. Our policies are designed with a deep knowledge and undertsanding of the construction methods and quirks of a BISF home. This means if there is a need to claim for structural damage then the process is more straightforward.

You can quote 100% online for your BISF property, simply select the ‘Steel’ build type during the quote and get an instant price and buy online.

As well as our standard policy benefits our BISF cover offers;
  • Buildings and/or Contents cover options
  • Specialist cover for BISF property construction methods
  • Competitive premiums
  • Standard excesses apply
  • Full online quote, purchase and policy management
  • Optional Home Emergency Cover
  • Average call centre answer time under 1 minute



Illustration BISF Property Insurance CoverBuilder.co.uk

BISF Construction

BIFS houses are steel framed houses built by the British Iron and Steel Federation from 1946. Approximately 50,000 homes were built across the country, predominantly in pairs but there were terraces.

BISF house design

The BISF house is a prefabricated steel design originally built with a shallow pitched asbestos roof, panelling to upper level and render to the ground level. Between the metal frames are timber struts and insulation with an inner plasterboard or hardboard which originally had a design life of between ten and twenty years.

BISF houses are often confused with other prefabricated houses built in the same post-war era. BISF Houses are often wrongly assumed to be temporary structures. However, these properties should be expected to have a similar lifespan to that of a traditional brick built house. This is another reason that mortgage companies place more stringent conditions when offering on these properties.


Cross section of BISF house


Specific BISF property issues

  • BISF house roofing contains asbestos which is extremely hazardous to health if disrupted.
  • BISF house structure can suffer deterioration at the base of the steel structure, window surrounds and rooms with humidity such as bathrooms and kitchens.
  • BISF house insulation can result in condensation. Carrying out rectification work would need to be done with the neighbouring property which can be difficult.


Home Insurance for specialist property builds

If you have any of the following property types, we have a specialist policy to match your needs.

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