Home Insurance for Converted Barns

no cancellation feeWe offer full buildings and contents cover within our barn conversion insurance policies and wide acceptance rate of conversion styles and barn ages. To take out your cover for converted barn, all you need to do is complete our easy to use quote system. The only important factor to remember is that the year of build that you enter should be the year that the original barn was constructed and not the year that the conversion took place.

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Converted Barn Home Insurance



Practicalities of Barn Conversions

Converted barns have seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years, being a symbol of the modern ‘escape to the country’ lifestyle aspirations. If you are lucky enough to own a converted barn, or are thinking of doing so in the near future, then you will certainly need to consider the insurance implications and consult a specialist insurance provider for your barn conversion insurance needs.

In recent years, planning laws surrounding the conversion of old farm buildings to residential dwellings have been relaxed, making it easier than ever to purchase a barn with permission already attached to turn it into your dream period property. The fact that barn conversions have become so popular, plus the multiple construction and renovation challenges that they present which are not present in new build properties, means that their conversion costs can be much higher than standard properties.


Wooden structure in converted barn

If you are purchasing an empty shell to completely renovate, estimates to complete the work (excluding the purchase price) range from around £800 – £1500 per m2. Barn conversion costs are not something to be taken lightly when considering a renovation project, as they can soon mount up and amount to totals far higher than you were intending to spend. Stone barns tend to be the most expensive property type to convert, followed by wood, with brick construction properties proving the most cost-effective. It is worth bearing in mind though, that costs will vary largely depending on the condition of the barn and whether you need to pay to install mains supplies such as gas, water and electricity.

More information on barn design and renovation can be found here.

Listed barn conversions

Due to their nature of construction and often their age, many barns that are converted into residential properties will also be listed buildings. This can cause potential problems during the development stage, as there are often strict regulations in place for these properties, dictating what changes can and can’t be made. Sometimes such legislation can make it difficult to make the changes that you had originally intended, and plans have to be altered to everyone’s satisfaction.

Barn that has been converted to home


Once you have overcome this hurdle, you can often face the second issue of sourcing insurance. Many standard insurers are unable to cover listed buildings, often because they are constructed from unusual materials and require specialist restoration, making claims expensive and time-consuming. You can learn more about insurance for listed buildings here.

CoverBuilder is able to offer quotes for barn conversions that are also listed, giving complete peace of mind and providing full buildings and contents cover in one easy to understand policy.

Barn Conversion Construction Types

As Barn Conversions are all so unique, at CoverBuilder we know that they are often built from a variety of structure types. We can cover the following:

Timber Framed Barns

– Aisled Barns

– Cruck Framed Barns

– Post and Truss Barns

– Mud and Stud Barns

– Box Frame Barns

– Cranked Inner-Principals

Stone Barns

– Raised Cruck Roofs

– Tie-beam trusses

Brick Barns

Front exterior of barn conversion

Barn Conversion Costs

If you are planning on converting a barn into your ideal home you can find more information here, just don’t forget to get the correct insurance in place during and then after construction and renovation are complete.




Outbuilding insurance

If your converted barn has come with a number of outbuildings, these are automatically covered by your CoverBuilder home insurance policy, no matter the use (although certain restrictions in the cover may apply if you are using them for business.).

This means that cover can be provided whether you have some other old barns, a modern build summer house or a shed that has been converted into a workspace. However, you should be aware that the contents cover offered within outbuildings does vary depending on your policy so you should check the particular details before submitting a final quote.


Rural barn awaiting conversion

Insurance for barn conversion renovations

At CoverBuilder we are able to offer insurance even while you are carrying out renovation works at a property. Unfortunately, we cannot offer construction insurance, so if you are starting with a completely blank canvas then you will need to purchase ‘self-build’ insurance while the basics amenities are connected and the property is made stable and secure.

However, if you are carrying out improvement works, be that an extension, internal restructuring or a kitchen replacement then CoverBuilder will be able to help. Our renovation insurance policies mean you can be reassured that should you make some alterations to your property down the line then you won’t have to worry about finding new insurance to cover you while this takes place. A simple call to our helpful staff will be enough to alter your existing barn conversion policy to cover you for your works as well.

Barn doors at building awaiting conversion

Converted barn homes for sale

If having looked at the deluge of information out there you are keen to live in your own barn conversion then you will likely be looking for the best place to find a new property. Many mainstream estate agents sell barn conversions so it is worth checking out the agents that operate in your area.

However, if you want a more specific search there are dedicated sites and companies that can help you find your dream property, be that the finished article or a barn waiting to be completely redeveloped. Companies such as Barns etc and UK Land and Farms will likely give you a good place to start your search.