Bankrupt home insurance for those with adverse credit history

Many people who are bankrupt, or have been previously, run into difficulty when they quote for any type of insurance. Often general insurers will either decline or inflate the premium as they do not want to take the risk on. CoverBuilder provides help for you in these situations with specialist bankrupt home insurance. Taking into consideration there is a bankruptcy in place we look to offer flexible payment terms. Once you do a quote, you’ll get an instant decision along with all the payment options we can offer you.


Benefits of a CoverBuilder policy include:

  • Insurance for people with poor credit history
  • Cover even if you have previous bankruptcy
  • Competitive rates for people in these situations
  • Instant online acceptable of policies
  • Only basic details required to complete quote
  • Average call centre answer time under 1 minute



Spreading the cost of home insurance across the 12 months

If you have a poor credit history or previously been declared bankrupt home insurance will still be offered on a monthly installment plan*. The cost will, therefore, be spread equally across all twelve months. This means no lump sum to pay as a deposit or initial instalment.

*We aim to offer payment options on as many quotes as possible.

Need a little help quoting?

We have insurance experts ready to help if you want to ask a question. Our average call answering is under 1 minute so give us a call on 0333 358 3359 or chat with us online via our livechat option (bottom right).


Bankrupt home insurance


Bankruptcy FAQs

Home contents insurance with a bankruptcy

If you have been declared bankrupt and do not own a property, CoverBuilder can look to provide contents only cover for your belongings. This policy will be subject to the same assessment process as a combined buildings and contents policy. The terms offered will usually be similar. Taking out a contents insurance policy when experiencing bankruptcy can provide peace of mind that should damage occur you will not be left with costly replacement charges that you cannot afford.


Do I have to declare bankruptcy after 6 years?

Our quotes system asks about any previous bankruptcies or financial difficulties that you have encountered, regardless of when they happened. The more time that has passed since the bankruptcy the cheaper your premium is likely to be. After a certain period of time, it is unlikely to have an effect on your policy premium. Despite this, you should still declare bankruptcies on your quote no matter when they occurred. Otherwise, when you come to make a claim you could find it being turned down due to inaccurate details.


How easy is it to buy bankrupt home insurance?

If you have a history of bad credit then this does often affect your ability to source home insurance. Standard insurers may be reluctant to cover you, often in case you have difficulty paying your premium on time. An often overlooked issue is that of bankruptcies among people that are living at the insured address but are not the property owners.

In order to fully assess the risk level, insurance question sets ask about the financial history of everyone living at the property. Not disclosing this could lead to difficulties when making a claim. This will end up being far more expensive than the extra premium you would have to pay.


Bankrupt home insurance


Does a bankruptcy affect home insurance rates?

Unfortunately, previous or current bankruptcies can affect the price that you pay for your home insurance. This is often because insurers can see you as being higher risk. At CoverBuilder, although we cannot guarantee that your premium will not be more expensive than a standard policy, we still aim to provide affordable bankrupt home insurance. Ours are some of the most competitive and inclusive quotes on the market. We want to ensure that you are able to fully cover your property even if you have poor financial history.


Do insurance companies check criminal records?

Generally, insurance companies will not check your criminal record when you apply to take out a policy. Cover will be provided based on the answers you provide to the various declarations. However, if you come to make a claim, at this point your insurer may check to see if you have any undisclosed criminal convictions. This allows them to ensure that the policy you have been paying for is valid.

Bankrupt home insurance