Home Insurance that allows Airbnb use at your property

The rise of home-sharing services such as Airbnb is phenomenal. For a host, it’s a great way of making a profit on an unoccupied room, particularly when there are large sporting or cultural events in your area that are drawing in visitors by the masses. Covering your property with home insurance that allows Airbnb rental use is essential for those wanting long-term success with the reassurance if something went wrong then there is somewhere to turn and rely on to fix the situation.

Our Airbnb Host home insurance can offer just that. Get your fully online quote with payment options now. Please note: Our Airbnb insurance only offers host protection insurance cover whilst the owners of the property are still resident during the rental. For example; We don’t cover scenarios where the property owners vacate the premises to allow the guest to take over as a full property rental. We’re happy to discuss your Airbnb needs to make sure you are properly covered, get in touch here.


Home Insurance allowing Airbnb



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Often insurance can involve more complex situations and circumstances, therefore we have our insurance experts standing by to help you through a quote.


How to complete your quote to include Airbnb use – 4 step guide

The following questions need to be answered as specified to ensure your policy includes cover for your home hosting:

  1. On page 1, the question ‘Do you intend to let or sub-let the property?’ should be answered ‘no’ as you will still be in residence when your guests are staying.
  2. On page 2, the question ‘Who lives at the property?’ should be answered as ‘You and paying guests – Bed and Breakfast’.
  3. On page 4 (My Details) the number of people living at the property should just include your permanent residents and not any paying guests.
  4. On the same page, the question that asks ‘Is the property used for trade, business or professional purposes?’ should be answered as ‘yes’. In the drop down that then appears you should select ‘Regular business visitors to the property’ as the type of business use and ‘Bed and Breakfast’ as the type of work.


Airbnb insurance

Is Airbnb hosting covered by general home insurance?

Failure to inform your home insurer that you have Airbnb guests occasionally staying at your house could result in them refusing to pay out on an insurance claim you make. Even if the claim has nothing to do with an Airbnb guest.

How could they refuse?

By not informing your insurer they can argue that you have deliberately and knowingly withheld important information that impacts the risk they’re are insuring. This is often given the insurance term ‘non-disclosure’.

CoverBuilder is different

We welcome customers who already regularly host via Airbnb or those who are thinking about it in the future. We work with specialist insurance partners who understand how Airbnb works and have developed our insurance policy to cover, what is in effect a form of business use from home.

Airbnb Insurance UK

Enhance your level of cover with our specialist Home Insurance for Airbnb hosting

Our insurers have no issue covering customers who wish to become or already are Airbnb hosts and will use their insured property for this purpose. This is aimed at those who want to make use of an unused room within their property. Combining our cover with Airbnb’s free protection enhances your all round level of Airbnb host protection insurance. Our online quote asks all the questions we need on your property type in order for us to fully cover rentals via Airbnb. We’ll provide you with an instant premium and online buy option.

Your Airbnb Guests belongings

As you would naturally assume, we do not cover any guests belongings whilst they are within your home. Any accidental damage or theft would have to be covered under their own insurance contract.

Airbnb Insurance


Understanding the Airbnb ‘Host Guarantee’ and ‘Host Protection Insurance’. This is the cover provided by Airbnb directly and is not connected with CoverBuilder Insurance.

Airbnb: Host Guarantee

The Host Guarantee provides protection for up to £600,000 in damages. Payments are subject to certain conditions, limitations, and exclusions. For more details, read the Host Guarantee terms. Hosts seeking payment under the Host Guarantee agree to cooperate with Airbnb and its insurers, including providing documentation of the claimed loss and agreeing to inspection in the rare cases when it may be necessary.

  • No coverage for damage to communal areas e.g. entrance halls, walkways, bike stores.
  • No coverage for cash, valuables or pets.

Learn more about the Airbnb Guarantee


Airbnb UK Host Protection Insurance


Airbnb: Host Protection Insurance

The Host Protection Insurance program provides primary liability coverage for up to $1 million per occurrence in the event of third-party claims of bodily injury or property damage. This coverage is also subject to a $1 million cap per listing location and certain conditions, limitations, and exclusions may apply. The Host Protection Insurance program covers landlords and homeowners associations in many cases when claims are brought against them because a guest suffers injury during a stay

  • This cover does not extend to slander or libel, any issues with the property, collisions involving vehicles or anything intentional.

Learn more about Airbnb Host Protection Insurance here

Airbnb UK Insurance

Getting started with hosting [Quick Guide]

Provide your guests with enough information – pre-empt their questions

Why not create an information pack for your guests providing everything they need to know about you, the property and what to do in an emergency.  By proactively providing your guests with a list of contact details you not only provide them with reassurance but also a clear process to follow should something happen and you are not in the area.

You can also provide leaflets and material on what’s going on in the area along with any tips for activities, shopping, restaurants and bars etc.

Stock up

Making sure you have covered off all the basics and have plenty of stock of the basics where they can be found is an easy way to increase guest satisfaction. Going the extra mile by providing things like tea and coffee making facilities if you are just renting out a room can also lead to very positive reviews and ratings. A good tip is to also provide a first aid kit.

Health and safety

Often overlooked but easily incorporated into a welcome meeting is a quick walk around the property explaining the access areas, any things to be aware off, trip hazards etc. Where possible look to make your property child-friendly (if you allow children). Removing valuable or delicate objects and use plug outlet covers.

Always be mindful of your guests’ privacy. Fully disclose whether there are security cameras or other surveillance equipment at or around your listing. Make sure you are aware of and comply with applicable laws and regulations. If you don’t allow smoking you can make this clear at this point and reinforce with signage.


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You may want to offer your guests wifi access, we recommend providing a bespoke password for each booking to maintain your security.It is advisable to increase your filter and security options during any period when you have a guest to stay.

Meeting regulations

One of the first steps to complete before taking your first booking is to understand the laws and regulations that apply in your town or city, and your building.

You should check thoroughly to understand if there are any restrictions or requirements that must be met before you undertake any form of hosting. Checking with your local authority is a good idea, along with any building owner or residents association if you are based in an apartment etc.


Home Insurance allowing Airbnb


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