Accidental damage option with home insurance explained

As it sounds, Accidental Damage cover is designed to protect you if your contents become damaged by a one-off incident. This could include things such as spilling red wine over a cream colour carpet. It also covers events such as your child knocking your TV off its stand, causing it to smash.

accidental damage insurance


Accidental damage insurance can also be taken out to protect your buildings. You would be covered if a football was kicked through your window. Other examples include accidentally putting your foot through the ceiling when you’re in the attic. However, you will not be covered for issues that are decided to be caused by general wear and tear. You need to be able to prove it is damage that has happened in one insured incident.


accidental damage insurance


Home insurance policies don’t include Accidental Damage cover as standard. You can select it as an extra on your CoverBuilder Buildings and Contents policy.* This is likely to result in a small increase in premium. However, many feel that this is a small price to pay for the peace of mind that it provides.

*Accidental damage cover is not available for unoccupied properties

Is accidental damage cover worth it?

There is an easy way of knowing whether or not this is an insurance that you need. Take a moment to think whether you could afford to replace contents if they were damaged beyond repair. Some people may see it as an add-on that simply makes your insurance more expensive. However, if you think there is a good chance of accidental damage occurring to your property (particularly if you have small children in the house) this cover can often prove invaluable.

TVs, computers and mobile phones will all be covered as part of your contents accidental damage insurance. It’s not just your basic contents such as sofas and tables that will be covered. Your more valuable items that are more likely to be in harm’s way will be too.

Looking for more information?

The Financial Ombudsman service provides free information on the accidental damage option.


accidental damage insurance