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5 home business ideas you can start today [Quick Guide]

Friday, May 19 2017


To celebrate National Work from Home Day (Friday 19th May), we thought we would take the opportunity to celebrate the great variety of jobs that can be run from the comfort of your own home.

Tired of your current job and feel it’s time for a change? Running your own business and being your own boss can sometimes be daunting with so many options out there of what to do. To help you get started with a bit of inspiration, we have pulled together a few ideas that you can set up straight away without a huge startup cost.

First up, 5 conventional ideas…


Pet sittinghome business ideas

With over half the UK population estimated to keep at least one pet and so many people heading out to work 9-5 jobs, pet care is a growing market that can provide a consistent income. Much like childcare, people will pay to drop their dogs off at ‘doggy day care’ while they are at work and then fetch them again on their way home. With the average cost at around £15 per dog per day, if you are free during normal working hours then taking on a few four-legged guests could earn you a steady income. Best of all, unlike childcare, you do not need any specific qualifications or training.

Alternative pet care options that can also bring in regular income streams include dog walking and pet care within the home, for example feeding cats or cleaning the cages of smaller animals.


home business ideasBlogging

If you have a flair for writing and enjoy regularly communicating with people then this could be an effective way to open up some extra income. A blog may take some time to build up a following and in turn generate a profit, but once you have an established readership the earning potential of a blog continues to grow and grow. There are loads of useful guides out there advising you on the best ways to set up your blog and start earning money from it – we really like this one from Blog Tyrant.

Blogs can be particularly lucrative because of the wide variety of earning streams they open up. Whether it is paid advertising spots on your page, promotions of items that you are given or links to take a commission on the sale of specific items, blogging provides a platform of endless opportunity. Set up costs are particularly low, but you will need to set aside a dedicated amount of time each week to work on the blog and ensure that it is a success.


home business ideasSocial Media Management

If you already have a thriving social media presence, and a list of contacts with businesses of their own, then you’re on to a winner!

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other channels alike have become a dominant force in our lives with the average person spending an astonishing 116 minutes on social media every single day. Stats shared by Social Media Today rather scarily reveal that time spent on social media amounts to a total of 5 years and 4 months over a lifetime. If this social media obsession applies to you too, then why not get paid for it!?

Tools like Hootsuite have been designed to manage and schedule social media activity and are more specifically aimed at helping those who manage more than one social media account at a time. Get building your list of clients, settle a small subscription fee on a social media management tool, earn yourself a beaming reputation and become the go-to social media manager right from the comfort of your own home!


home business ideasCake-making business

If you love all things cake and are quite the baking master, then why not put your passion out there for others to try by starting your own cake making business from home?

If your skills are a little rusty, book yourself on to a local training course, because with the proof quite literally being in the pudding, you’ll need to make sure that your creations are not only a delight to the taste buds but to the eye too before you start to expect any orders.

Most importantly, you’ll need to get your kitchen registered and checked by the council at least 28 days before opening. With everything being transparent nowadays, there’s no disguising a dirty kitchen. A good hygiene rating provides your customers with confidence in buying from you plus ensures the safety of those consuming your baked goods.


home business ideasIron and laundry services

Domestic chores are not on everybody’s list of fun things to do, but if you quite enjoy the odd menial task, why not consider offering your mobile laundry services out to others at a cost?

A mobile laundry service is a great opportunity for you to start a business with very little or no cost at all; after all, you’ll only need an iron and a washing machine to get started, plus you can catch-up on Corrie whilst your at it! With no overheads necessary (other than the odd top-up on washing powder), you’ll be able to invest a little money in spreading the word about your services with some targeted Facebook posts to those in your area, or even an ad in your local newspaper. That way, we’re sure that the business will come flooding in for you.

3 of the more unusual and adventurous…

home business ideasVoiceover artist

Think you’ve got what it takes to be the new Dave Lamb or Peter Dickson? We have the perfect job for you! A number of industries require voiceover artists to help sell their products or inject a little more fun and character to their TV series for example. You can brush up on your voice acting skills simply by reading things aloud from your back bedroom, so why not pick up a trashy mag, start experimenting with your voice and don’t forget to get a recording on your phone! Tempted? Take a look at this useful guide by WikiHow on how to start your career as a voiceover artist

home business ideasGreeting card writer

If you have a quick wit then you could be utilising it to earn you some money! Gift card companies are frequently looking for freelance writers to come up with punch lines and sentimental messages for cards – you could be paid up to £150 for every idea that is used! This is a sideline that needn’t take up much of your time and could easily be slotted alongside busy family life. If this sounds like something that you could do then Money Magpie have written this helpful guide to get you started.

home business ideasHangover helper

It’s pretty out there but a service that is sure to be a huge hit with students! Some people choose to deliver alcohol to people’s houses when they run out during the evening to ensure the party never has to end. Other companies choose to be there the morning after with a greasy breakfast, energy drink and a pair of rubber gloves! A great take on traditional cleaning companies, check out the brilliant Hangover Helpers page for some inspiration.


Finally, for those who don’t want to be confined indoors…

home business ideasChristmas tree farmer

If you own an area of land then you could cash in on this and start growing Christmas trees. Christmas is big business in the UK with over £77bn exchanging hands for the holiday last year. The average tree can be sold for around £50 each and you could also charge for extras on a site such as wreaths and festive food. Although this business will only pay out once a year, if you put the time and effort into building your business then you should see repeat customers returning year after year.


Foraging iconForaging

Okay so we may sound a little strange but bear with us. A number of cooks and chefs nowadays like to include all manner of herbs and fruits within their dishes, and whilst their culinary wizardry is admirable, they very rarely do the dirty work involved in sourcing the foraged goods themselves. That’s where you can step in. An abundance of delicious plants grow here in the UK, so if you have some spectacular greenery on your doorstep, why not venture out and start handpicking the sought after ingredients for restaurants in your local area.

Don’t forget, certain areas require special permissions to forage, and you must always be weary of what it is that your picking, eating or touching as some things can be poisonous. Take a look at some foraging success stories here.

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