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CoverBuilder’s 2nd home insurance policy fully covers those with an additional home. Our cover fully protects your property when its left empty for long periods. Whether you own your second home due to working away in the week, or you use it as a holiday escape once a month, we have a flexible policy that can cover your home and contents in full.


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Investment property insurance

Second home ownership in the UK is rapidly growing in popularity. This is due to an increase in the number of people taking “staycations” and more people working away from their main address. Many people see property as a stable long-term way to make money.  This boom in ownership has also led to demand going up for the type of insurance policy to cover a second home. However, many insurers on the market are not able to offer this or charge high premiums.

Although it can be very easy to use a standard home insurance policy without telling the insurer that the property is used as a holiday home, this is not a good idea. The insurer would have the right to not pay out if you make a claim and may even cancel the policy. This is why a specialist insurance policy is the best option.


Valuing your property correctly for buildings insurance

Many people mistakenly believe that they should insure for the current market value of their second home, this is incorrect. If there was an event that completely destroyed the property, then you need to make sure your buildings sum insured correctly covers you.

Buildings sum insured explained

The rebuild cost is how much it will cost to replace the buildings in their current form. This amount should include garages and any outbuildings. You should also take into account luxurious permanent fixtures such as swimming pools, tennis courts and patios. It. is not the market value of the property

Living room for 2nd home insurance


Buildings and Contents cover

When thinking about insurance for your second home you will need to decide on what sort of policy you need. While buildings cover is likely to be a necessity, lots of people think about not taking out contents insurance. This is not advisable. Although you may not keep anything of high value at your second home, it is surprising how much it can cost to replace even the basic furniture. Holiday home contents insurance is just as important as your content insurance at your main address.

There is an easy way to estimate the value of contents insurance that you require. Simply walk room to room and make a note of the cost of replacing each item in there. The total value will soon add up! That is why CoverBuilder offers joint building and contents policies. Cover your home and everything in it.


Cover for your valuables

Adding personal possessions cover to your 2nd home policy can also provide peace of mind. This means when you are out and about you are still covering the items you have on holiday with you. Therefore, there is no need for multiple policies. One policy will cover your mobile phone insurance, camera insurance and home insurance.

Rental property cover

Unfortunately, CoverBuilder does not currently offer landlord insurance products.  If you and your family only use the property then you are eligible for a policy. However, we are able to offer cover for properties with lodgers or Airbnb guests who will be staying in the property at the same time as you.

If you do not plan to use your holiday home for financial gain then you are ready to quote for 2nd home insurance.